Personalized Oreo Easter Cookies are Always a Hit

Personalized Oreo Easter Cookies are Always a Hit

Oreos, those irresistible creme-filled cookies. You can twist em', lick em', and dunk em'.

Oreo cookies are loved the whole world over, with 34 billion Oreos sold across the globe each year. They are the perfect treat for snacking on and they are great for celebrating special occasions and holidays.

With Spring just around the corner, it won't be long until it's time for Easter. And what better way to celebrate Easter than with personalized Oreo Easter cookies?

That's right. The Oreos you know and love can now be customized for Easter. 

Want to know more about personalized Easter cookies? Then keep reading this post for more information.

Oreo Easter Cookies

Everyone loves Oreos, from kids to grandparents. Oreos effortlessly bridge generation gaps and bring people together. Spring is the best time to wow them with custom cookies in fun colors and designs.

Here are some ways you can customize Oreo Easter cookies for your family, workplace, or social gatherings.

'Somebunny' Loves You Oreos

Let someone know how much they mean to you at Easter by having the phrase 'Somebunny Loves You' custom printed on Oreos.

Children and grandchildren will adore these custom Oreo Easter cookies and the clever play on words. Or give them to a significant other to proclaim your love.

It is a sweet sentiment on an even sweeter Oreo cookie. 

Personalized Oreo Easter Cookies

Everyone loves to have something custom with their name on it. Especially those who have unique names that aren't so easily found on just anything.

Kids will love having a special treat with their name on it that's just for them. Or go one step further and upload their picture right onto a custom cookie.

Personalized Oreo Easter cookies show that you were thinking of them. You put in the extra time, effort, and attention to give them something as unique as they are. 

These are also great as gifts for special co-workers and friends. You can buy individually cello wrapped Oreo Easter cookies or you can buy a gift box of custom cookies. Available in six and 12 count varieties.

Chick and Bunny Face Oreos

Easter is all about baby chicks and bunnies. Upload a picture of your own Easter chick or an adorable Easter Bunny face design that we can print onto the Oreo. Or let us choose one for you. 

These cookies can play peek-a-boo at your Easter brunch or Sunday gathering. They're almost too cute to eat. Almost. 

Bunny Butt Designed Oreos

Frosted Oreo Easter cookies can be decorated to look like the backside of the Easter Bunny as well. With a little cottontail and the back feet sticking out on the cookie, it looks as if the Easter Bunny just barely got away. 

These cheeky cookies will have everyone at your office party or family gathering grinning ear-to-ear.

Oreo Easter Egg Cookies

The round shape of Oreos makes them ideal for decorating them like Easter eggs. Oreo Easter Egg cookies can easily be frosted and decorated with sprinkles or accented with other colors of cookie frosting. 

Kids, teens, and adults will love these cheery and brightly colored Oreo Easter Egg cookies. They will be an eggs-cellent addition to your Easter party.

Display them at your Easter gatherings by placing the Oreo Easter Egg cookies in decorative little easter buckets or pails that are available at most party stores and discount value retail stores. Give them out as favors at work, school, or Easter parties.  

Easter Basket Oreos

Printed Easter basket designs make the Easter season come to life on our chocolate-covered Oreos. With our individually wrapped cellophane Oreo Easter cookies, you can place these in Easter baskets as a fun treat.

For corporate events, incorporate your company logo in the middle of the basket for an extra festive touch. Our Oreo cookie platters are ideal for large gatherings.

One Cool Chick Oreos

An Easter chick with sunglasses on with the words 'One Cool Chick' will make everyone smile. Give these Oreo Easter cookies to your fellow moms or special friends that will surely get a laugh out of them.

Let them know that during Easter and all year long, they are the coolest chicks around. 

Chillin' With My Peeps Oreos

Peeps are one of the most popular Easter candies. Those sugar-covered marshmallow bunnies and chicks have become iconic Easter basket staples.

Of course 'peeps' is also slang for friends, so when you combine the two together it takes on a double meaning during the Easter season. These pun-derful Peeps-inspired Oreos are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

'Hoppy' Easter Oreos

Print the phrase 'Hoppy Easter' on your Oreo Easter cookies with a picture of a bunny or a frog underneath. Another cute play on words, these custom cookies will brighten up your Easter festivities.

When you add delightful custom Oreo cookie Easter treats to your events, you are certain to stand out from the crowd. Make it an Easter to remember with custom Oreo Easter cookies.

Flower Decorated Oreos

Spring is the time of year that signifies rebirth and growth after the thaw of Winter. Flowers are blooming everywhere in the springtime. So, why not have them bloom right on your own custom Oreo Easter cookies? 

You can have floral designs printed right on your custom cookies or we can decorate them with frosting for you. How about some pretty tulips or daisies? You can have your own garden of spring flowers sprouting up on your Oreo cookies.

Silly Easter Egg Face Oreos

Another take on the traditional styled Oreo Easter Egg cookies, these Oreos can be decorated like regular Easter eggs but with the addition of wacky or silly expression faces on them. Or you can have them done in the style of popular text emojis.

Custom Cookies That Hit the Sweet Spot

This is just a small sampling of ideas you can use for making your own personalized Oreo Easter cookies. With our edible ink and paper printing process, you're only limited by your imagination on what you can do to make custom cookies. 

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Whether it is for an engagement party, birthday, or corporate office event, our sweet custom treats can't be beaten.

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