Bridal Shower Cookies That Will Leave an Impression

Bridal Shower Cookies That Will Leave an Impression

A wedding and all the festivities it brings are always fun and exciting. But planning all those events one after another can get overwhelming. After all, there are multiple details to think about when planning any party.

But one of the biggest details to consider is food. From appetizer plates to dessert tables, it may feel like you're swimming in food options. We're here to make the choice easier.

Bridal shower cookies can be both a delicious party treat and a favor at the end of the night. And we're not talking about some plain, boring cookie. We mean delicious, custom treats that will wow all of your guests.

Here are a few bridal shower cookie ideas that will have your guests going back for seconds.

Photo Cookies

Custom photo cookies are one of our most popular options. And it's not hard to see why when they come out as a stunning option for any event. A photo cookie is a particularly great option to celebrate the bride during a shower.

With photo cookies, you can get creative with the image you select to be printed on a cookie. This customization allows you to perfectly match the theme of your event.

Upload childhood photos through the years to celebrate the bride and groom growing up. Or choose photos of the couple together to celebrate their everlasting love.

You can even choose photos of the guests to create a custom cookie for all those attending to enjoy. Any photo can be beautifully displayed on a cookie. And Sweet Ali's simple upload process makes it easy to choose any image.

Name and Date

Mark this special date with something sweet. Name and date cookies are a great way to commemorate such a special occasion. Simply upload the image with the name and date of your choice to be printed on a sweet treat.

You don't have to stop only at the names of the betrothed and date of the event. Add a line that includes the event name as well, for example, Ali's Bridal Shower, to create a custom confection.

This custom text option allows you to make a treat that's perfectly catered to your event. And you would be able to use the font and colors you prefer to match any theme or color scheme you're planning with.

Custom Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies might not be a cookie traditionally, but they're still a great sweet treat to have at your event. Unlike our dipped Oreos that maintain a round shape, our custom Rice Krispies can take on any shape.

With more options for customization, you can have treats that perfectly suit your event. Consider number-shaped that correspond to how long the couple has been together or even use them as table numbers.

Allow us to add wedding-themed items like dresses or bouquets to the Rice Krispie. Or, if you prefer a more minimalist style, we can dip the treats and add a simple tag that has the name, date, and event on the front.

Monogram Cookies

There's nothing classier than a simple monogram. And that's even more true when you have events surrounding a wedding. If you're a bride that prefers a cleaner, chicer look, then monogram cookies are the perfect treat for you.

Image a dipped cookie with a simple calligraphy letter on the front. The monogram can represent the bride's first name, the married last name, or be both of their betrothed's initials together.

You'll have your choice of color and font when you upload the image you want to use on the front of your cookie. And don't be afraid to get creative or combine ideas by adding the date or bridal shower along with the monogram.

Cookie Nameplates

Who says the cookies have to have the bride's info on them? If you want to get really creative and totally custom, use Sweet Ali's cookies as nameplates for your guests.

After you have a list of everyone who is attending, create a custom cookie for them. You can then use these cookies as escort cards or nameplates to tell your guests where to take a seat.

Cookie nameplates are a fun twist on a classic party necessity and a great option if you have plated meals and guests RSVP well in advance.

Keep it simple by only having their name displayed. Or make it a full-service cookie and add which table that guest would be sitting at.

Plus, you'll be able to check two details off of your party planning list: nameplates and treats.

Sweet Treats as Favors

You don't have to serve your sweet treats at the party. Sweet Ali's treats are the perfect bridal shower favor for your guests to take home with them. The exciting part is that with favors, your options are nearly limitless.

You can use any of the above ideas like name, date, and guest-personalized cookies. You can do wedding-themed cookies like dresses, flowers, and bridal shower ring cookies.

Whatever you decide to do for your cookie favors, be sure to package them stylishly and let guests know that they should grab a treat before they leave to go home.

Create a Sweets and Treats Buffet

Not every sweet or treat needs to be wrapped up and given to a guest. If you like multiple ideas and want a little bit of everything, you can have it with a sweets and treats buffet.

Mix and match the ideas from above to create a stylish buffet that includes multiple kinds of desserts for your guests to choose from and enjoy.

This allows you to celebrate everything from your new last name to your wedding date to photos of the special people in your life. There's nothing sweeter than that.

Bridal Shower Cookies That Always Impress

A bridal shower is a sweet way to bring those you love together and thank them for celebrating your soon-to-be marriage. Play games, open gifts, and treat your guests to something sweet.

Custom bridal shower cookies are an excellent final touch to bring together a theme and show your guest you care. And with the many options that Sweet Ali offers, you can find the perfect cookie to celebrate your big day.

Ready to start designing your custom cookie? Place a custom order for stunning, delicious sweets for your next event today!