Nut Free Custom Cookies At Sweet Ali's Custom Confections

Nut Free Custom Cookies At Sweet Ali's Custom Confections

If you're one of the 3 million Americans with a nut allergy, you're not alone in having a hard time finding desserts to eat. Some might assume that you can eat anything that doesn't contain nuts, but that's only half of it. You should also seek out sweets made in a nut-free facility so there isn't even a trace amount of your allergen in your food.

Luckily, there are some ultra-safe options out there for you. Here at Sweet Ali, we make nut-free custom cookies that taste amazing—and, more importantly, preserve your good health. Read on to learn more about our confections.

Why is Sweet Ali's Nut-Free Facility Important?

No two people with nut allergies are alike. A mild allergy might mean that a person will experience swelling, nausea, hives, or a skin rash when they consume any kind of nut. 

Meanwhile, those with more severe allergies could have the same symptoms—or worse ones—triggered by even a trace amount of nuts in a particular food. So, even if they avoid foods that are made of or contain nuts, they still could react to even the smallest presence of them. These trace amounts are easily picked up in a facility that produces other nut-inclusive products. 

That's why Sweet Ali's use of a nut-free facility is so important to those with nut allergies. Often, indirect contact with allergens can occur in bakeries because so many products contain chopped nuts or nut-based ingredients. But we're careful to separate our nut-free products from the rest so that our cookies are safe for everyone to enjoy. 

Nut-Free Custom Cookies Taste Just as Good

Now, just because we skip the peanuts, walnuts, and other nuts in our recipes doesn't mean our creations lack flavor. Instead, you'll find that our offerings taste just as good as cookies and sweets you'd buy elsewhere. 

Our selection includes chocolate-based lollipops, Oreos slathered in chocolate and Rice Krispie treats, both individually packaged or made into cakes. You won't find a trace of any kind of nut in any of these products, so you can rest assured while you snack. 

Why Should I Choose Nut-Free Custom Cookies? 

If you want something truly special, then a nut-free custom cookie is the way to go. 

Choose Your Flavors

For starters, your custom cookies will come in the flavors you want. For example, our most popular item, the chocolate-dipped Oreo, comes with options. You can decide if yours will come dipped in white, milk, or dark chocolate—or if you want a combination of two or three of these flavors. 

On that note, we can make custom chocolate lollipops, chocolate-covered pretzels, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows. For a chocolate-free experience, you might prefer a Rice Krispie treat, which has a signature buttery, marshmallow flavor. 

Our entire facility is nut-free, so you don't have to worry about choosing something that may have trace contact with a nut-inclusive food. And, because of this, you won't be limited to selecting from a small pool of nut-free options. You can have any flavor you want.

Suit Any Occasion

Another great thing about our nut-free custom desserts is that they suit any occasion. You might struggle to find nut-free desserts for a holiday or celebration at other places. Again, this goes back to the lack of selection that other confectioners have—they may not able to safely decorate or customize with ingredients that could have trace amounts of nut, too. 

But at Sweet Ali's, we can make custom nut-free cookies to suit any occasion. You can select the design to bedeck each one of the cookies. You can stick with a single motif or pick a handful of different ones to appear on your confections. 

The same goes for our Rice Krispies, which you can purchase as individually wrapped treats or full-sized cakes. Either way, we can affix whatever design you envision atop the crackly, buttery dessert. 

And it's not just basic holiday designs that we do, either. You can upload your own photos and have them appear on your cookies and cakes, too. Imagine how sweet it will be to have a loved one's face on their next birthday cake.

You can peruse our gallery for design inspiration. Or, you can call us up to discuss your ideas and allow us to brainstorm a way to bring them to life. Together, we can create the perfect design for any occasion—and they'll be safe for everyone to eat. 

They Can Travel Anywhere

On that note, you might not be able to find a place near you that makes nut-free confections. We are a New Jersey-based, but we ship our treats to all corners of the country. 

This also shows that our sweets are easy to transport and hold up well. No more juggling a precious cake or realizing your holiday cookies have gone stale. When our confections arrive, they'll be pristine and fresh—you'll only have to worry about eating them. 

Make Your Next Party Nut-Free

You take so many steps to keep yourself and your family safe from a nut allergy. That doesn't mean you have to skip dessert, though. Our nut-free custom cookies prove that. 

So, click here to create your custom order now. Soon enough, you'll be biting into a confection that's equally as safe to eat as it is delicious.