Personalized Baby Shower Cookies

Personalized Baby Shower Cookies

Baby showers are one of life's happiest occasions, with dear friends and family members gathering to present an expectant mother with toys, teething rings, blankets, and booties as they share in her joy and help prepare her for the arrival of her little one. 

But what should be on the menu at a baby shower? Finger food that's easy to prepare and even easier to eat is always a winner. While sweet treats like baby shower cookies can serve as both decoration and baby shower desserts! In fact, if you're planning on throwing a baby shower for an expectant loved one, custom-decorated cookies are the perfect addition.  

Looking for inspiring ways to use personalized cookies in a baby shower? Keep reading to find out why they're the way to go and how to incorporate baby shower cookies into the future mommy's special day. 

Follow a Theme to Add Festivity

Although it's not compulsory, a party theme can bring a sense of festivity to baby showers. Themes can also help inspire you to get creative with thoughtful touches and inventive ideas. Although, it's important that the theme you choose has the mom-to-be in mind rather than your personal preferences. 

For example, you might go with a flower theme and combine bright balloons with vases of fresh blooms. In this case, baby shower treats could include flower-shaped cookies or cakes decorated with edible flowers. A tea party theme is another popular option, where you could serve personalized baby shower cookies on delicate china plates alongside all different kinds of tea. 

Whether you go for a theme or not, there's no need to go all-out with the decorations. After all, every one of your guests will be too focused on the blossoming belly of the mother-to-be to notice banners and bunting. 

Color-Coordinate Your Personalized Baby Shower Cookies

Pink and blue are popular baby shower color themes for obvious reasons. With these colors in mind, you could serve personalized baby shower cookies in the shape of pink or blue bottles, carriages, onesies, or anything else baby-related. If the parents have already chosen a name then personalized cookies with the baby's name or initials in blue or pink icing are also perfect - both as a talking point and for guests to nibble on.  

If the future mom has yet to reveal the baby's gender, you might prefer to opt for a neutral color, with yellow being a popular choice. That said, there's no need to even take the baby's gender into account when deciding on a color theme. White, for example, is perfect as a gender-neutral color and one that signifies purity and innocence, making it perfect for every baby. 

White is also classy and understated. Imagine your living room or garden filled with white flowers, balloons, and white baby shower treats such as personalized cookies in the shape of storks or pure white diapers served on delicate white porcelain. You could also ask your guests to wrap their gifts in white paper for optimal coordination and aesthetically pleasing photo opportunities. Stunning!

Consider Gender Reveal Cookies

While we're on the subject of gender, if it's not possible for the future mom and her loved ones to gather more than once before the birth, she might want to combine a gender reveal celebration with her baby shower. 

Inventive ways to reveal a baby's gender to guests include confetti cannons, cakes, and fireworks. But what about gender reveal cookies for a delicious and decorative way to surprise your guests? A cute idea could be for you to order baby shower cookies with half boy-themed and half girl-themed. Then when the mom-to-be is ready to break the news, she can select the cookie matching her baby's gender for a photo-worthy moment she'll treasure for years to come. 

Add Cookies to a Baby Shower By Mail Care Package

If the mom-to-be lives too far away for you to attend her baby shower, why not surprise her with a shower in a box? Since a baby shower is meant to be fun and frivolous as much as it is about offering useful gifts, adding some personalized baby shower cookies by mail will help get her into the baby shower spirit. Plus, she'll be able to share the cookies with her loved ones living nearby - if she doesn't polish them off while opening the other gifts of course! 

You might also want to include a pop-up balloon to add to the surprise, a card with a heartfelt message, and practical lightweight gifts like a blanket, clothes, or cloth books

Give Personalized Cookies as Favors

Guests attending even the most informal events have come to expect favors as these small tokens of thanks have become more popular in recent years. And, since the main event of a baby shower is the gift-opening, many guests spend a lot of time, effort, and money searching for the perfect gifts for the mother-to-be. With all this in mind, it's a good idea to select thoughtful baby-shower themed favors to present to the guests as they leave. 

Personalized baby shower cookies or cookie cakes make perfect favors for this reason. Unlike mini bottles of champagne or bath bombs, everyone can enjoy them and they're easy to personalize as a way to tie into the event. And, whether you choose baby shower treats in the shape of a pacifier or decorated with the baby's name, they're a sweet way to capture this precious celebration.

Order Your Baby Shower Cookies Today!

With all these inspiring ideas, you, your guests, and the mom-to-be are sure to have a great time celebrating with our custom-made baby shower cookies. 

Once you're clear on the theme and design you want, you can order now from us here at Sweet Ali. Although, if you're still not sure exactly what you're looking for, we got you! Our team are experts at helping customers choose the perfect personalized cookies, no matter what the occasion. For more information on our services and cookie selections, feel free to contact us today.