Order Thank-You Cookies Individually Wrapped Online

Order Thank-You Cookies Individually Wrapped Online

Did you know that 54% of employees feel underappreciated in the workplace? Even if you're not an employer, chances are, there are people in your life who feel like their efforts go unnoticed.

We want the ones we care about to feel good about themselves and giving them thoughtful gifts can be just the thing to make them feel seen. In fact, ordering some thank-you cookies individually wrapped can be a great idea!

Want to hear more? Then keep reading, as we'll tell you all about these custom cookies!

Benefits of Ordering Individually-Wrapped Cookies

Sure, they might be delicious, but what other benefits can you get from ordering individually-wrapped cookies? Read on to find out!

You Can Customize the Designs

When you order from companies such as Sweet Ali, you'll be able to actually customize the designs on your cookies!

The only thing you'll have to do is take the picture or grab the image (if it's something like a company logo). Then, just simply upload it to our site and we'll be able to make these custom cookies for your recipients.

This ensures that your giftees will get something that's truly unique since chances are, other people haven't received cookies with these prints ever before!

The Cookies Stay Fresh

We'll always send you the freshest cookies we can. This means we'll bake them to order and send them in the mail as soon as they're ready!

But one of the most frustrating things about receiving a pack of cookies is that they usually come in one large bag. Once you open it, the clock starts ticking on the cookies' freshness since you've introduced oxygen into the bag.

When each cookie is wrapped up in its own bags, this means you can keep them as fresh as possible for longer. And this means your giftees will get to enjoy their treats at a more leisurely pace!

They're More Sharable

Let's say the recipients appreciate the thank-you gift, but just aren't able to eat that many cookies themselves. Perhaps they're on a diet or are watching how many sweets they eat because of health conditions.

In that case, they might want to share their gift with others. Or maybe you want to pass out these cookies at work instead of sending them to each individual employee.

Whatever the case is, individually-wrapped cookies are a lot easier to share than those that come in one big bag. When you hand out these separate cookies in classy bags, it'll look a lot better than just tossing these cookies into ziplock bags, or worse, wrapping them up in napkins.

They're Great for on-the-Go Treats

Let's say you've set up a booth at a trade show. Or maybe you're in charge of snacks for parents who have volunteered for a school event. Either way, you're dealing with people who are constantly on the go and may not have time to fumble around with a loose cookie or two.

Individually-packed cookies enable them to open the bag up and nibble at the treat whenever they get a second. Plus, it allows them to put the cookie away quickly and neatly, without any mess.

And if they're just way too busy to eat the cookie at the event, they can always take it home and munch away at it when they're much more relaxed. It'll surely be appreciated!

They're More Memorable

Simply handing your employees, clients, friends, or family some plain cookies isn't very memorable at all. They'll probably just look at it and wolf it down without another thought. This is especially true if it's mediocre cookies from a grocery store.

But when you give them a beautifully-wrapped individual cookie that's been baked with love and expertise, this will give them pause to really appreciate the gift. The custom design and wrapping will make the cookies Insta-worthy for sure!

This means that not only will everyone see how thoughtful you are, but your giftees will also remember these cookies for years to come when the memories come up on their Facebook or Timehop accounts. A picture is worth a thousand words after all, so it's definitely worth giving individually-wrapped cookies as a thank-you gift!

You'll Make a Better Impression

Because individually-wrapped cookies are so memorable, this means you'll make a much better impression. Whether you're trying to keep up company morale, or you're trying to impress a potential client (or your significant other's parents), you can't go wrong with individually-wrapped thank you cookies.

This shows that you have the thought and consideration to give people gifts that acknowledge and appreciate them. Compare this to just a pack of cookies bought at the local grocery store. This, dare we say, earns you some great brownie points!

Order Some Thank-You Cookies Individually Wrapped Today

As you can see, giving out personalized gifts can be a great way to show your appreciation for those you care about. If you want to get some thank-you cookies individually wrapped, you can order online with Sweet Ali! All you have to do is upload your photo to our site and we'll put it onto individual cookies! Then, we'll send it out to those who you want to thank so they'll feel extra-appreciated.

We're a nut-free facility, which means you won't have to worry about nut allergies for your recipients. In fact, we even have gluten-free options available.

You can count on Sweet Ali to make some delicious and memorable special event cookies for your friends, family, coworkers, employees, or clients! If you'd like to get started on ordering some sweet treats, then place a custom order with us now. We offer nationwide shipping!