Custom Mother's Day Cookies Every Mom Will Love

Custom Mother's Day Cookies Every Mom Will Love

The moms, grandmothers, aunts and other mothers in your life are a diverse, hard-working bunch. After carrying and caring for you and the rest of the family, they deserve a little treat. This Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May, celebrate them with a box of custom cookies that'll bring a smile to their faces.

At Sweet Ali, we don't just decorate store-bought cookies and call it a day. We craft delectable, delightful treats that are as unique and lovely as your mom. No matter how many mothers you're celebrating this year, here's why custom cookies from Sweet Ali are perfect for them all!

Delicious Options

Most big-box retailers have bakeries. In fact, most of them have sweet little treats you can emblazon with messages and customize. However, the options are often a little... boring.

At Sweet Ali, we have a wide range of unique choices that'll make every mom want another. Our most popular custom cookies and desserts include:

  • Chocolate-dipped Oreos
  • Mini Oreos
  • Chocolate-dipped pretzels
  • Chocolate-covered marshmallows
  • Krispy rice treats
  • Krispy rice cakes
  • Chocolate pops

That's a lot of chocolate, which is good news for the 40% of women that crave it. At your request, we can dip all of our custom cookies and treats in milk, dark or white chocolate. If the strong women in your life crave something a little different, we can make a treat perfectly tailored to them — just ask!

A Little Something for Every Mom

Our ingredients aren't limited to what you see in our custom cookie store. We love crafting vegan cookies and other treats that fit into a lot of different diets and restrictions. Not only that — our kitchen is a nut-free facility!

That care extends to everything we make. We only use the finest ingredients for our custom cookies. If you're planning on following up your mother's day dinner with pre-made cookie dough, try Sweet Ali instead!

Commemorate Precious Moments and Achievements

While our custom cookies and confections taste great, we know people eat with their eyes first. Does your mom have a favorite family photo? Is she an entrepreneur that started her own business? Maybe there's a phrase or joke that's become her catchphrase.

In any case, your custom Mother's Day cookies can be decorated with it all! If you have a photo or logo you want on your cookies, simply upload it and let us work our magic. Each cookie will scream "Mom" and celebrate the things she holds dear.

Host the Perfect Mother's Day Party with a Custom Cookie Platter

Food is inexplicably tied to memory. It stimulates all five senses. If you're hosting a Mother's Day party, whether it's a private or corporate event, you want the food to look, smell and taste great. When it comes to dessert, don't serve bland cookies you bought last-minute at a grocery on the way to work — let Sweet Ali make your Mother's Day event truly memorable.

Our dessert platters can be customized with pictures of the moms on your team and a corporate logo. Need something a little more personal? Not hosting an in-person Mother's Day party this year? Through our corporate gift program, we'll package and customize delicious gifts to send to everyone on your list. Just tell us when, where and what kinds of treats you'd like to send.

Send These Cookies Anywhere!

If distance separates you and the moms you love, they always appreciate hearing from you. Don't just send them a text this Mother's Day. Send them some custom cookies that'll make them smile with every bite.

Though we're based in New Jersey, we can send custom cookies to mothers all across the nation. Our packaging is durable and pretty. Let our commerce experience help you ensure your Mother's Day gifts will reach their recipients fresh and in one piece.

Save Time in the Kitchen

We're not all rock-star chefs and bakers. If you're planning a big Mother's Day dinner, you have a lot on your plate already (literally and figuratively). While you're prepping and cooking your mother's favorite dish, there's plenty of room for error.

Take the worry out of dessert by letting Sweet Ali handle it for you. With a box of custom cookies already made by a pro, you can spend more time doing what you should be doing on Mother's Day: emjoying your mom's company. 

Stumped? Let Sweet Ali Help You Design the Perfect Custom Cookies!

Let's face it, parents and spouses can be hard to shop for. They'll insist they don't want or need anything, but you still want to treat them. If custom cookies sound perfect, but you're not sure where to begin, let Sweet Ali help.

From what treats and ingredients to use to the actual design, we can guide you every step of the way. Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery of custom sweets and cookies and get the creative juices flowing. If you need some more guidance, send us a message and let's get brainstorming!

Design and Customize Your Order in a Few Simple Steps

If you see something in our custom cookie store that you know your mom or wife will love, the process is very simple:

  1. Choose the treat you want.
  2. Select the quantity, size and packaging.
  3. Select a pre-made graphic from our library.
  4. If you have an image you'd like to use, upload up to 12 of them in our custom treat shop.
  5. Add to cart, make your payment and choose where to ship.

Remember, you're not limited by just the items in our shop. Making custom cookies is our passion so we want your order to be as unique as the women you love. For a fully customized Mother's Day treat, contact Sweet Ali and we'll make it come to life!