Order Custom Construction Cookies Online

Order Custom Construction Cookies Online

Tractors. Bulldozers. Hammers. Hard hats. 

No matter what it is—a toy, a costume, a book—your child loves construction-themed entertainment. Now, you want to surprise them with sweets that match this theme. They'd make a great addition to any child's party, we think. 

But where can you get construction cookies, cakes, and other custom-themed confections? At Sweet Ali, we can create the cookies you're envisioning. Here's why you should order from us. 

We Have an Allergen-Free Facility

One in 13 children has a food allergy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means that, if you invite your child's entire class to a birthday party, two of them are likely to have some sort of food-related sensitivity.

As such, it can be difficult to plan the food for your child's birthday party. Or, if you want to bring treats in for a party at school, you will have to ensure they are safe for all kids to eat. 

At Sweet Ali, we create only nut-free confections in a facility without any nuts or traces of them on-site. A severe allergy to nuts could mean that even the slightest trace of a peanut, walnut, cashew, etc., could cause a reaction. We remove that possibility by removing nuts from our bakery altogether. 

On top of that, we can provide gluten-free options for your next party, too. That way, all of your attendees can enjoy the party treats—construction theme cookies that are safe for everyone. 

We Deliver Construction Cookies to You

Now, as you plan your child's party, you'll find yourself with a lot to do. It's a fun event for your little one, of course, but it requires a lot of organization and preparation on your part. 

If you're searching for construction cookies for your child's birthday party, you could head to the bakery, put in your order, and then return to pick them up on the day of the shindig. 

Or, you could go to our online ordering hub, design your custom construction cookies and have them delivered to you. We are New Jersey-based, but ship our cookies and confections across the country. 

That'll save you multiple steps as you piece together your child's party. And, as it gets closer and closer, you'll be glad to have fewer celebration-related errands to run.

You Can Put Anything on Your Construction Cookies

Now, you might have a vision for what you want on your construction cookies. Perhaps it's a bulldozer because that's your daughter's favorite toy. Or maybe your son can't get enough of Bob the Builder, so you want him on the party treats. 

You can create any design imaginable on a Sweet Ali batch of cookies. We have a gallery full of design inspiration, but you can also upload your own photos and have them edibly printed onto your sweets. That way, there's no guesswork—your cookies will look just as you imagined them. 

We Don't Just Do Cookies

On that note, we don't just specialize in custom cookies, although our chocolate-covered Oreos are our most popular order. You can pad out your party's dessert menu with other selections from our site. And grown-ups and children alike will love whichever tasty treat you choose. 

For starters, we have Krispy Rice treats, which we can emblazon with your construction-centric design, cut, and individually package. This option could be the perfect party favor—one final treat to enjoy at home.

We also make Krispy Rice treat cakes, a gooey, crispy confection that would be the perfect gluten- and nut-free alternative to a birthday cake. Again, we can bedeck your cereal-based cake with the image of your choice, so it suits a construction theme.

Finally, we can dip pretzels and marshmallows into your choice of chocolate. The same goes for our custom cookies. You can have regular-sized or mini Oreos plunged into milk, white or dark chocolate before they're personalized to your party theme.

We're Here to Help You

Not all of us are cake or cookie decorators. And not all of us feel confident when we're planning parties and celebratory menus. 

If you're feeling unsure of your choices from the Sweet Ali menu, then don't hesitate to reach out to us. We can chat on the phone and help you brainstorm ideas for your custom cookies. Together, we can pin down a design, and then our team will get to work on your order once it's complete. 

Even if you're sure of what you want for your child's birthday party cookies, give us a call if you need help navigating the ordering process online. We'll confirm that your design's cookie-ready—and then we'll get ready to dip, decorate and send the chocolate-covered construction cookies you've chosen.

Order Your Construction Cookies Now

If you've been dreaming of construction cookies for your little one's birthday party, we're ready to help you turn that vision into reality. And you know that we can deliver allergy-free sweets to any corner of the country. 

All you have to do is log onto our website and get started. Upload a photo to serve as the basis for your design, or flick through our gallery to draw inspiration for your birthday party cookies.

And don't forget—you can call us for help or advice as you put together your order for cookies, Krispy Rice treats, marshmallows, or chocolate-covered pretzels. We're here to help and excited to create the custom treats you seek.