8 Awesome Rice Krispie Treats Decorating Ideas

8 Awesome Rice Krispie Treats Decorating Ideas

When you're craving something gooey, full of marshmallow fluff and crispy grains, what do you go for? The answer, universally, is a Rice Krispie Treat. Invented in the 1930s as a recipe for a fundraiser, this distinct dessert is revered for its simplicity and flexibility. 

If you're looking to take this classic goodie to the next level, we've got you covered. This guide will explore eight amazing rice krispie treats decorating ideas that you'll love. Whether you're bringing them to a party, the workplace, or enjoying them with family, they're sure to be a hit.

Ready to get your sweet tooth excited? Let's get started. 

1. S'mores Rice Krispies

It makes sense that the top rice krispie treat recipe you need to try is inspired by s'mores. After all, rice krispies already have the marshmallow component! Add in some chocolate and graham crackers to create a perfect bite-size dessert.

The best part about these treats is that they're shaped like a pinwheel so all of the ingredients are distributed evenly. You'll get the comfort of a classic campfire snack in the great indoors.

2. Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter cups are America's favorite Halloween candy, so it'd be irresponsible to not include this decorating idea inspired by them. You'll want the perfect balance of peanut butter cups and rice krispie goodness. 

Get creative with how you want the peanut butter cup to be integrated.

Do you want it placed in the middle, like a dessert sandwich? Maybe the peanut butter cups are chopped up and sprinkled on top. No matter how you decide to decorate it, it's sure to satisfy even the toughest PB lover. 

3. Oreo Rice Krispies Treats

While we're on the train of combining delicious classic treats, Oreo rice krispies are sure to delight anyone who takes a bite. This is an ultra-simple idea that is ideal when you need something satisfying and versatile. 

The best part about Oreos is that you can even decorate those in unique ways. If you have a specific special event coming up and need the right treats for the celebration, you'll want to bring in some custom-made Oreo treats. 

4. 4th of July Krispies

It's summer and you need to get the party started with something that will please a big group of hungry guests. We have the perfect red, white and blue snack! Your friends and family are sure to ignore the fireworks because your dessert will be the center of attention.

This is also a great option that will please both adults and kids alike, it can be a little bit messy but some of the best things are. The key to decorating for holidays like these is to get creative with the theme. You can get fireworks designed on them, or maybe the American flag!

As long as there's plenty of red, white, and blue then you'll be good to go. 

5. Cake Batter Cupcakes

If there's a birthday coming up and you want to find a new way to celebrate, switch the cake with cake batter rice krispie cupcakes! This stands out from the rest of our list simply because there's an additional buttercream frosting element. It's everything you enjoy about a cupcake but with delicious rice krispie cereal. 

You can make it extra special by decorating them with the age of the birthday person or adding some candles to make the presentation pop. You're sure to make the birthday person feel like a million dollars when you show up with a whole plate of rice krispie cake batter cupcakes. 

6.  Days of the Week Treats

Do you have a special teacher in your life that deserves some homemade rice krispie treats? Gift them a custom-made 'days of the week' option. These are sweet options that list the different names of the week in fun, bright colors.

Not only do they make great gifts for teachers but they're the perfect treat to sneak into your little ones' lunch box. 

7. Halloween Monster Treats

Instead of showing up to a Halloween event with the usual candy, why not switch it up by creating some fun Halloween monster treats? You can make kid-friendly monster bars that are dipped in chocolate and have multiple googly eyes.

If there are more grown-up parties you're attending, you can bring in the red food coloring and make them a little gory.

8. Cinnamon Roll 

Last but certainly not least, a cinnamon roll-inspired rice krispie treat is another way of reinventing the wheel. Dressing up the classics with a new twist may be risky but who knows? You might end up finding your new favorite snack.

The best part about these? They taste exactly like a cinnamon roll but if you're watching your calorie consumption, know that they're a healthier option than the traditional cinnamon roll.

Rice Krispie Treats Decorating Ideas

Rice krispie treats are great on their own, no doubt about it. This neutral-looking snack is satisfying on its own but it's the perfect blank canvas to explore how you can transform them. There is a variety of rice krispie treats decorating ideas to try out, for any type of occasion.

Go ahead, choose your favorite recipe, and set some baking time aside. You, and anyone lucky enough to get a piece, are in for a real Krispie treat! 

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