Sweet Ali's Custom Decorated Cookies

Sweet Ali's Custom Decorated Cookies

At Sweet Ali, we specialize in personalized cookies, custom-decorated in the design of your choice. Whether you upload a photo to us or choose something from our gallery, your personalized cookies can be very special.

We have many ways to make your next celebration the best ever. We can design custom decorated cookies for every type of happy event you will be celebrating.

Events Ideas For Custom Decorated Cookies

Here is a rundown of what we do best at Sweet Ali.

  • Weddings / Anniversaries. There is nothing sweeter than celebrating love. We can use photos from a wedding day and include a current photo too. Family and friends will rave over the beauty and high resolution found in every delicious cookie. Or perhaps go with chocolate covered oreo wedding favors!
  • Baby Shower. With many cute and whimsical designs to choose from, you can create wonderful custom decorated cookies for a baby shower. Upload your special photo or let us help you with our colorful custom designs for cookies, marshmallows, and rice treats, individually wrapped, waiting for you.
  • Birthday. Everyone loves a special birthday party. To make a birthday extra special, your decorations can include your confections. Use a favorite photo or let us help you come up with something unique about the birthday boy or girl. From your husband’s favorite color to your daughter’s favorite cartoon characters, we've got you covered.
  • Corporate. We can help you make a corporate event unique. From logos to custom designs, we can help show off your office or corporation like never before. Our custom decorated cookies say it all.
  • Camp. Summertime fun is always memorable at camp. Make it even more so with our custom decorated cookies with your special camp designs on each and every one.
  • Graduations. Make a family member's graduation party even more memorable with custom decorated cookies that reflect their school or their accomplishments. We can help you to come up with the best ideas!
  • Holidays. Don't forget that we can custom decorate cookies for the holidays, too. These are a special touch, especially if you are the one hosting family and friends for dinner.
  • Religious. Do you have a first communion, confirmation, bar or bat mitzvah coming up? Our custom decorated cookies are individually wrapped and ready to be showcased.
  • Sports. From your favorite international sports teams to your children’s school sports teams, now your cookies can 'sport' their own unique looks.
  • Reunions. Include a picture of all of the grads from a long time past. For family reunions, show your family how special every one of you is by including names on custom decorated cookies.

Rest assured that we will help you come up with something extra special. We can surprise you with ideas that no-one may have considered before, but that are perfect for your event.

custom decorated cookies and more

Custom Decorated Cookies and More

While our custom decorations are immaculate, our sweets themselves are sure to impress you. We make a range of unique foods that you can easily request tailored to your unique preferences. If you're looking for something completely new, we're ready to tackle that as well. That said, we do have some popular featured items that customers keep coming back for. If you're not sure what you're looking for, consider these custom decorated cookie ideas.

Chocolate Dipped Oreo® Cookies

Oreo® cookies are one of America's favorite treats, and they're even better once we dip them in chocolate and emblazon them with your decorations. It's no surprise that many of our repeat customers pick these out as their first choice, and we strongly recommend you give them a try. 

Chocolate Pops

For all of you chocolate lovers out there, we also offer pure chocolate pops. They come individually wrapped, and you can order them in a variety of chocolate types. You can use them to elevate events, parties, holiday

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

If your sweet tooth is a bit more subdued, then substitute pretzels for the cookies. Sweet and salty combine wonderfully in these bite-sized snacks that are perfect for any occasion.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

There's not much that's more indulgent than a soft, sweet marshmallow hiding in a chocolate shell. Cultures around the world have their own version of this iconic candy, and we're particularly proud of our version. 

Krispy Rice Treats and Cakes

If you've never tasted our custom rice krispie treats, you're in for a real treat here. The crunchy, yet delicate texture and sweet flavor combined make this choice an unbeatable comfort food. You can dial it up by ordering a heavenly krispie rice cake. If you want to run a promotional event or something similar, you should probably go for the smaller treats. That way, we can print your design across many individual servings to give out to your guests. On the other hand, a larger krispie rice cake can have an especially intricate and detailed design and is good for parties.

Dipped in Your Choice of Chocolate

Make your next order from Sweet Ali your own by choosing your favorite kind of chocolate. Milk chocolate is a classic that goes well with everything we have to offer — you can never go wrong with it. However, the subtle, rich flavor of white chocolate also goes particularly well with Oreo® cookies, pretzels, and much more. We also offer dark chocolate as a choice to coat your treats. Not everyone loves the bold, strong flavor of dark chocolate, but it's a delightful contrast when combined with sweet krispy rice treats or cookies.

Order Today!

Our printer uses special paper that takes your image and transposes it right onto the edible paper. You will end up with the clearest top-notch cookies, due to the special process we use.

We ship fresh to you the very day you need it. We can also custom decorate borders and give you unique shapes. All of our confections can be individually wrapped if you like so they are the freshest ever.

When you go looking for that 'wow factor,' when it's time to plan your next party or event, give Sweet Ali a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at all we can do for you. We have different shipping options available to you or you can pick up right in our bakery in Randolph NJ.

Our facility is totally nut-free and we have gluten-free options for you. If you can imagine it, we can create a custom decorated cookie perfect for your next special day.