Cookies by Mail – Overnight Delivery

Cookies by Mail – Overnight Delivery

Sweet Ali's Cookies By Mail

In the 21st century, a custom order is not a special order anymore; it’s routine. You get to decide how you order looks. You don’t have to take the one-size-fits-all product. That’s a fantastic feature for any company. It’s even more important for a company like ours.

People buy our cookies by mail for many reasons, including the level of individuality we provide. There are thousands of recipes for cookies. Even simple cookies, like chocolate chip, have hundreds of variations. People want cookies made just for them and that’s what our company does best.

We don’t use factory-style production techniques to make our cookies. Ever wondered how store cookies can sit for months on the shelf? How about that they taste the same weeks after you bought them? And every one of those cookies looks the same too. That should make you think. It gave us a lot to consider, particularly how we could make better cookies.

Hopefully, you’ll come to the same conclusion we did. Fresh cookies are healthier and tastier than store cookies with unnaturally long shelf lives. We get them to you fast, sending the cookies by mail to ensure freshness. And we’re sure that our great-tasting, fresh cookies won’t linger on your shelf. And if you are looking for a different kind of sweet snack, we also make custom marshmallow treats! They’re delicious.

Why We Care About Shipping

Our uniqueness as a company extends to everything we do, including how we deliver our cookies. You can visit us for your cookies if you like, but we offer superior delivery of cookies by mail, with several options for quick delivery. You decide how fast you want your cookies by mail.

We’ll be happy to work with you on shipping details. We go to great lengths to ensure cookies keep their freshness as long as possible without adding nasty chemicals or using unethical techniques. We consider shipping times so they do not affect the freshness of your cookies.

Quick Shipping of Cookies by Mail & Great Packaging

Located in New Jersey, all major carriers service us. We generally go with UPS, and we offer several versions of next day shipping, including UPS Next Day Air and UPS Next Day Air Saver. We have other shipping methods that aren’t quite as quick, like UPS 3-Day Select. If you’re okay with waiting longer, we can ship by ground, too.

Please understand that we don’t take forever and a day to make your cookies before sending your cookies by mail. Generally, we will create custom cookies within 3 business days of your order. We can make your cookies even faster under certain circumstances. Our dedication to fast preparation fits perfectly with our quick delivery. And, of course, if you want to come and get your cookies, rather than receive cookies by mail, we’ll have them waiting for you.

We use all-natural ingredients in our cookies, so we prefer to deliver them quickly. This gives you the benefit of our high-quality ingredients and delicious cookies, the way they were intended. We also take extra caution with heat-sensitive items, packing them with ice in an insulated package. For cookies shipped to a location with a high temperature, we strongly advise that you do not let them sit outside. And we do our best to protect items containing chocolate, but we need you to do your bit by getting them straight into a cool place during hot weather. Or eating them.

We’ll be happy to work with you to make your special order a great experience, including efficient delivery of your cookies by mail. Consider Sweet Ali for all your custom cookie needs.