Custom Cookie Cakes at Sweet Ali

Custom Cookie Cakes at Sweet Ali

Is there an occasion on the horizon you need a special dessert for, but your average, run of the mill sheet cake won't do? A unique dessert can be a great way to add an extra special touch to any celebration.

Whether it's a bachelorette party, a birthday party, graduation, or an anniversary celebration, custom cookie cakes make the best desserts.

A custom cookie cake adds flair to any celebration and Sweet Ali specializes in these sweet treats. Read on to learn all about our personalized cookie cakes.


Nut allergies are unfortunately common. Pediatric peanut allergy rates tripled in the past three decades. As of 2018, 2.5% of the childhood population is diagnosed with a peanut allergy. In the past decade, this number rose a staggering 21%.

Nut products are dangerous to those who suffer from these nut allergies and ingesting nuts leads to severe, acute health effects.

There's no need to worry if you buy a cookie cake from us. All of our baked goods at Sweet Ali are guaranteed nut-free.

We Do Gluten-Free

Do you or anyone you know suffer from Celiac Disease? Or a gluten intolerance? If so, you're well aware of the painful reactions that come when you eat anything with gluten.

As dietary science continues to improve, more people discover their digestive system cannot handle gluten. Aside from those seriously allergic or intolerant, many modern diets require you to eliminate gluten as much as possible.

If you're buying a dessert for a group of people you're not intimately familiar with, you don't want to exclude anyone with a gluten dietary restriction. It's better to buy a gluten-free dessert everyone can eat!

There are many great gluten-free options available for your custom desserts.

Krispy Rice Cake

You've seen them in the grocery store and they're less than inspiring. Yes, we're talking about those generic, round chocolate chip cookie cakes decorated with dollops of thick, too sweet icing.

While these grocery store cookie cakes can be great in a pinch, they don't show any real thought or care. Any dessert you buy for a celebration should inspire feelings of joy and fun.

Take your party a step further with our custom Krispy Rice Cake.

Sometimes referred to as marshmallow squares, these cakes are one solid-sheet of deliciousness and joy.

Design Your Own Cookie Cake

Here at Sweet Ali, we offer the latest and best in cookie cake custom design. All you need to do is select your dessert and upload your image.

Celebrate your favorite high school graduate with a cake decorated with their favorite senior photograph. Or your favorite college graduate complete with graduation photo and school spirit colors.

Are you planning your parents' 50th wedding anniversary party? What could be a better way to celebrate than custom desserts decorated with their wedding photograph?

Our custom desserts also make great engagement party or Christening treats.

Customizable cakes and desserts are great for work gatherings. Upload your company logo for a unique cake. Or if it's a professional setting, leave potential clients thinking about you with the gift of logo decorated cookies.

If you need inspiration, we also offer many design templates. Give your cake a special touch even if you lack a creative touch.

Celebrate the Holidays With Style

Tired of the same-old, same-old pumpkin pie? Does a too busy holiday season leave you without the time to bake the necessary mountain of Christmas cookies? At a loss as to what to bring to a work-related holiday party? We have you covered.

Sweet Ali customizable desserts aren't only for specific celebrations. We offer a wide variety of unique products to help you add a spark to your holiday celebrations.

These sweet centerpieces will liven up any holiday gathering with friends or family and are guaranteed to be a big hit.

During the holidays, it's important to never arrive anywhere empty-handed. Buy one of our holiday platters to help with your dessert game.

Corporate Gift Program

Custom cakes and cookies are for more than celebrations. Sweet Ali offers a corporate gift program designed to make your company stand out.

Send along a box of individually wrapped cookies as a gift to any client or customer. Upload your company logo to not only advertise but make your client or customer feel special.

These corporate gifts also make great thank you gifts for valued employees. Show your appreciation to your staff by gifting them company logo designed cookies or a cookie cake.

While sweets often make great corporate gifts, they have to be good. We promise that our custom cakes will be sure that any client associates your logo with deliciousness.

We Ship Nationwide

Though we are a New Jersey-based business, we ship all our custom sweets nationwide.

You might ask, "Are there custom cakes and cookies near me?" With Sweet Ali, there is a definitive answer. Yes. There are always custom cakes and cookies available.

Our shipping turnaround is two to three business days. If you need your custom treats faster, we do offer ASAP shipping that will guarantee your order ships in less than three days.

We ship all our heat sensitive products with care. Chocolate and other items that melt are shipped with ice packs.

Show Your Love With Custom Cookie Cakes

Custom cookie cakes are a great way to show extra special care. Celebrate the special people in your life with a cake or a tray of cookies decorated with their faces. Or show your clients love with a delicious cake or cookies printed with your logo. We guarantee they will be unique and tasty.

For more information on our custom cookie and cake selection, contact us today.