Custom Birthday Cookies At Sweet Ali

Custom Birthday Cookies At Sweet Ali

Custom Birthday Cookie Ideas

No matter what age you are going to be, it's always a great excuse to hold a celebration. Whether you're young, old, reaching a milestone, or heading into adulthood, birthdays are the perfect time to get together with your loved ones to mark the occasion.

At Sweet Ali, we're mad about birthdays! We love the excitement and buzz of planning a party, but we also know how stressful it can be. There's so much to think of - the guest list, the theme or décor, venue, invitations, and of course, ensuring there's plenty of food and drink. Why not relieve some of the stress by letting the team at Sweet Ali take care of the desserts for you?

With the few clicks of a button, your custom birthday cookies and other delicious treats can be ordered, created, and delivered straight to your door. All you have to do is decide how you'd like them customized. You can choose from our super popular chocolate-covered cookies; rice Krispie treats, cake pops, and more. Or, if you can't decide, we can provide a platter bursting with a variety of goodies.

We can decorate custom birthday cookies in any way you choose. We can take any photo or image, print them using edible ink, and position them on the cookie. Perhaps you’ll want: 

  • Fun photos of the birthday boy or girl
  • Images of their favorite film, music, sport, animal, or hobby
  • Edible, glittered monograms of their initials
  • Motifs and patterns to fit the party theme
  • Colored cookies to match the color scheme
  • The age of the birthday boy or girl in different styles
  • Funny or inspiring quotes or phrases from their favorite book
  • Images relating to their profession, such as element symbols for a scientist 
  • Photos of the birthday boy or girl with their friends and family

We can make all custom birthday cookies with a cookie of your choice, although our most popular option is the delicious Oreo. We then smother each cookie in delicious dark, milk, or white chocolate before adding your chosen design.

Platters of coordinated mixed cookie designs look especially stunning and provide a talking point for guests. What better way to break the ice with a guest you don’t know than over a tasty cookie or two?

Custom birthday cookies also make fabulous party favors to give to your guests as they leave. We can individually wrap each cookie in clear or colored cellophane and complete the presentation with a ribbon making it the prettiest portable dessert possible!

If custom birthday cookies aren't the most favored dessert, you could always opt for our super versatile rice Krispie treats instead. We can also cover those in chocolate and customize your order. Plus, they can be molded so we can shape them however you wish.

Custom birthday cookies

Milestone Birthday Cookie Ideas

Everyone knows that milestone birthdays are great reasons to celebrate! Every time we turn a decade older it brings a whole new set of adventures – no matter if it’s a 10th a 30th or 70th birthday. As part of your milestone birthday party theme, why not include a terrific tray of custom birthday cookies?

Custom birthday cookies are a great touch to any dessert table and your guests will delight in their milestone birthday design. Here are some cookie design themes for milestone birthdays you may be celebrating:

  • 10th – Unicorns, Emojis, Minecraft, Tie-Dye, Pokémon
  • 20th – Movies, Music, Sports Teams, Fashion, Beach
  • 30th – Dreams, Love, Family, Cars
  • 40th – Smores, Travel, Money, Shopping, Over the Hill
  • 50th – Flowers, Vintage, Older Than Dirt

No matter the decade or guest of honor, custom birthday cookies are one of the highlights, for sure! We even have an entire article dedicated to sweet 16 cookies! Make the occasion even brighter when your guests visit the dessert table – feature custom birthday cookies with a unique design. Use the milestone number in an interesting way, their initials, or even choose a funny photo of them to print on the cookie. There are so many fun design ideas out there, just use your imagination or head to our gallery to get some inspiration.

Chocolate-covered sandwich cookies or chocolate-covered rice cereal treats are the best options for custom birthday cookies. They are easier to customize, easier to display, and they taste scrumptious! The cookie customization is endless – however you envision your custom cookie, there’s a way to make it happen. Colored icings, edible jewels and flowers, unique sugar designs and more!

Sweet Ali is a custom cookie and confection company that specializes in custom sweet treats for special events. With quick turnaround times and fast delivery, we can have your treats delivered to your doorstep in plenty of time for the celebration. We can also fulfill dietary requirements, and note that our cookie kitchen is a completely nut-free environment.

Let Sweet Ali tick one thing off your birthday planning list by providing desserts that will wow your guests. There may be no sweeter way to celebrate than with a custom birthday cookie, order now!