Baseball Cookies Made To Order! Both MLB and Custom Logos

Baseball Cookies Made To Order! Both MLB and Custom Logos

Baseball Cookies

It's no secret that we Americans are obsessed with sports. We're passionate about the teams we support and will defend them until the ends of the earth!

Perhaps the most popular sport of all is baseball. Created around the early 1800s, the game features two teams pitted against each other who play nine innings. Typically there is no timer or clock and games go on as long as they need to. The longest game of baseball on record was over eight hours long!

The most popular baseball teams are the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox with the Chicago Cubs coming a close third. The good news is that we can make your cookies with any team logo, professional or not!

At Sweet Ali, we absolutely love baseball, and we always wait in anticipation for Spring to arrive because we know it's the kick off of the baseball major league season.

There’s plenty to get excited about. Thirty teams will collectively play over 150 games over the course of the season. That’s a lot of baseball!

We also love to make baseball season that extra bit special by doing what we do best - creating amazing custom cookies to mark the occasion.

Baseball themed treats

We have a secret superpower - printing machines that can produce any image in edible ink, onto edible paper.

That means, if you want to wow your fellow baseball fans with super tasty spring treats, you can have your team logo, team colors or anything else baseball related printed onto a delicious chocolate covered cookie.

Not only are we able to fully personalize baseball cookies, but we can also custom create other popular treats such as cake pops, Rice Krispie treats, and pretzels.

How about the following ideas for your baseball event:

  • A cookie platter featuring your team logo printed onto a cookie mixed with baseball cookies decorated in your team colors
  • Cookies decorated with pictures of baseball gloves, baseballs, and bats
  • Your favorite players faces printed on top of cookies
  • Rice Krispie treats shaped and decorated like baseball shirts
  • Cake pops made to look like baseballs and baseball gloves
  • Individually wrapped baseball cookies to give to your employees or party guests as a thank you
  • A basket of baseball-themed goodies to cheer up a fan whose team has lost

You could take a big box of baseball cookies to the game itself and share amongst your fellow fans. You could even give some of your cookies to the opposing team fans. Who knows - maybe they’ll enjoy them so much they’ll change sides?!

Kick off the season in style

With the season just about to start, what better excuse to throw a baseball themed party or BBQ to get everyone excited about the upcoming matches. You could decorate your home or venue in your team colors and show highlights of your team’s performances on a big screen.

Baseball themed food will really add to the event, so of course, a big plate of Sweet Ali's custom baseball cookies would go perfectly. Not only will your guests be impressed, but you're also providing them with a truly delicious dessert to enjoy.

They’re easy to order

As well a beautifully personalizing our baseball cookies, we also impress our customers with our double quick turnaround times and super easy ordering service. All you have to do is upload your images onto our website. Tell us what kind of treat you want them printed onto, and we'll do the rest.

Our staff works quickly and to perfection so you can be guaranteed a delicious treat ready to ship in a mere day or two. We have a range of fast shipping options to suit your budget so you can be enjoying your baseball goodies in next to no time at all. How’s that for service?

Our passion is providing the best personalized treats possible. If baseball isn’t your thing then how about custom cookies for American football, ice hockey or basketball? In fact, we can create tempting sports themed cookies for just about any sport you can think of!

Get in touch with us here at Sweet Ali and talk to us about your ideas. Alternatively, head over to our website where you can upload your images and complete your order in next to no time at all.

Whichever team you support, we wish you a successful season filled with lots of wins and a lot of delicious custom baseball cookies!