Boutique Cookies For Order

Boutique Cookies For Order

Our Boutique Cookies

Are you holding a prestigious event that requires a certain touch of class when it comes to offering your guests something sweet? Hosting a high-end party or event takes a huge amount of effort and planning. After all, your guests and attendees expect something special and unique.

It’s not enough to offer generic cookies that can be bought in any store or supermarket. Instead, you need to be providing something that's not only delicious but customized for your event.

At Sweet Ali, we’re used to catering for all sorts of parties and events but sometimes something extra special is required. Luckily our 100% customizable service means we’re able to provide exactly what our customers are looking for.

High-end cookies

Our boutique cookies are suitable for any type of event, and their personalized nature allows them to match the theme or décor flawlessly. At high-end parties, it's all about the looks and pulling off the perfect party atmosphere, and image and we at Sweet Ali are committed and passionate about providing delicious desserts that match that completely.

Any type of cookie can be used for our confections so if you want boutique cookies made of the finest ingredients; then we can provide them for you. We will then smother them in the highest quality, silky smooth chocolate, which creates a glossy, high-shine finish that looks beautiful - and irresistible!

The decoration of the cookies is then entirely down to what our customers want.

We have top of the range printers that use edible ink to print any image or photograph onto edible paper, so if you have a special monogram or a logo for your event, then we can add them to the cookies.

Intricate patterns like lace or filigree are easily printed and look stunning on top of our confections as do professional images or photographs. Our printers reproduce the images with crystal clear clarity, so it's always guaranteed to look just as good printed on a cookie as it is on paper.

If you don’t want to go for a printed image, we can also decorate and embellish the boutique cookies in any way of your choosing. All our cookie embellishments are completely safe and edible, and the best thing is, you can carefully match them to your party’s theme.

Delicate chocolate shavings or molded chocolate pieces really add the finishing touch to our cookies or, for something extraordinary, how about edible gold leaf, edible pearls or edible glitter available in a rainbow of colors for that bling effect?

Perfect cookie platters and favors

Our custom cookies look really impressive when stacked attractively onto platters. They provide a tasteful focal point for your dessert trolley or buffet table as well as a talking point for your impressed guests.

If you’re planning to offer them canapé style, your staff will look great carrying trays of our delectable delights artfully stacked.

Since they’re covered in chocolate, they are the ideal treat to consume as they create minimal mess. Perfect for guests concerned about staining their expensive partywear but who also want a little sugar rush!

We can also wrap cookies individually using cellophane and finished off with a ribbon to match your color scheme, or we can carefully place individual cookies into their own boxes. This makes them the ultimate party favors or gift and allows guests to take some spring treats home to devour later.

We’re fast but precise

Fast service often means a product of lesser quality, but here at Sweet Ali, we're proud to be able to offer a quick turnaround time without compromising on the quality or finish of our boutique cookies.

Our dedicated and highly experienced team work efficiently and precisely to produce perfect cookies in double quick time. We’ve also made sure to offer a range of shipping options to satisfy even the most eager of customers!

It’s this reliable service that has our clients returning again and again.

If you're planning a prestigious event but are stuck for ideas when it comes to providing guests with a classy and tasteful sweet surprise, then give us a call and talk to a member of our experienced team. We can have a look at your event décor, color scheme, and ideas and help you come up with boutique cookies that compliment and tie-in with your parties theme.

Don’t hesitate to place an order or get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to working with you. Our goal is to help you enjoy some delicious sweet treats. If you’re having a party, we want to help you plan the ultimate gourmet and sweet experience. For inspiration and some of the most delicious, boutique cookies you’ll find anywhere, Sweet Ali is the place for you.