New Business Idea - Promotion Cookies!

New Business Idea - Promotion Cookies!

Promotion Cookies

If you run a business, then you’re probably frequently thinking of ways to promote it.

Having a good marketing strategy in place will help you achieve the brand recognition you need but there are always additional things that you can do that will enable you to go the extra mile and ensure customers and potential customers alike will remember exactly who you are.

A popular way to create brand awareness is through promotional merchandise and freebies. This is particularly true for businesses that have booths at trade shows or expos.

Freebies are more or less expected at these events so if you're not providing them to the attendees then you'll be passed over for a booth that has something appealing on offer as well as losing out on business or leads.

It’s a common misconception that promotional items are expensive. While they can be costly, a lot of goodies used for promotions are surprisingly affordable too.

Items like pens, notepads, and candy are cheap, but they lack the wow factor and fail to draw in the crowds.

The perfect promotional item

At Sweet Ali, we think we've found the ideal solution for anyone wanting to promote their business. How about providing a tasty, chocolate covered cookie decorated with your logo or brand colors? Each cookie can be beautifully presented individually making them the ideal thing to hand out as promotional gifts or freebies.

First, choose your treat, then we smother your promotion cookies in rich chocolate before being topped with a crystal clear image of your logo.

In our kitchen, we are lucky to have the best printers that technology can offer. They use edible ink to print images onto edible paper. It doesn't matter if your logo has one color or one hundred colors - our printing machines can reproduce it with stunning clarity.

That means your promotion cookies will look clean and professional, showing your business off in the best possible way.

Our 100% customizable promotion cookies:

  • Are affordable
  • Are good-looking
  • Can be individually wrapped
  • Can be printed with your logo or other custom design
  • Are delicious
  • Can be ordered in bulk
  • Are created with a rapid turnaround time
  • Can be sent anywhere in the US

We’re versatile and safe!

Our versatile ordering service also allows you to order a mix of promotion cookies as well as having a variety of decorations and embellishments available. A choice of gift wrapping and gift boxes are on hand so you can construct the perfect promotional dessert.

We think a platter of logo-emblazoned cookies mixed among cookies decorated in matching brand colors gives the wow factor for promotional events and our gift boxes containing three individually decorated cookies make great tokens of appreciation for clients and clients-to-be.

For those worrying about potential allergy or intolerance hazards. Don't fear! We recognize that promotional items are given out to people who's dietary requirements are unknown. Therefore, our promotion cookies and other confections can be created without gluten, and other dietary requirements can be catered for.

We’re also proud to say that we are a nut-free zone.

Be remembered in the most delicious way

The best thing about promotion cookies that are individually wrapped or boxed is that people don’t tend to eat them right away. We've noticed that the cookie usually gets tucked away to be enjoyed after the promotional event. When the person gets home and unwraps their cookie, they are reminded of your business and prompted to get online and look you up.

To make the best of this situation, we can also include your business card so all cookie recipients will know how to get hold of you.

If you want to make the biggest promotional impact, we recommend having platters of cookies on offer for people to eat right there and then. This gives you a captive audience and is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to chat about your business. After you have spoken with the individual, give them a wrapped cookie along with your business details for them to take home and devour later.

Promoting has never been so delicious or easy

The next time you’re running a promotional event or need a unique way to get some brand awareness, why not give us here at Sweet Ali a call and see how we can help you.

We’re affordable, reliable and fast and we’re passionate about providing you with a completely unique and irresistible promotional cookie that get you and your business recognized in the most delicious way.