Spring Treats

Spring Treats

Spring Treats At Sweet Ali

Spring has nearly sprung and it’s time to think about spring treats. It’s almost time to start enjoying longer evenings and outdoor activities again. After surviving the dark, cold winter, most people come out of hibernation and are in the mood to have some fun with friends and family.

Whether its a picnic in the park, camping trips or backyard BBQ’s, spring is the season to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the company of loved ones.

Spring is also the start of the wedding season with many happy couples taking advantage of the mild weather and beautiful newly sprung flowers, blossom, and greenery as a backdrop to their weddings.

Amongst all the activity there's usually a lot of yummy food involved too. Tasty BBQ's, picnics, wedding buffets, and party food means there are lots of yummy spring treats on offer and with delicious food comes delicious desserts!

Dessert is often the highlight of a meal or event. Without thought, however, it can be the same old things over and over again; desserts that taste good, but do not stimulate the imagination.

Sweet Ali is here to shake things up. We like to help you put the “wow factor” back into desserts and party food. We create unique and amazing customized cookies and spring treats for all to enjoy.

Whatever spring event or activity you’re planning, having a big plate of Sweet Ali, personalized chocolate covered cookies for everyone to enjoy will make the day extra special.

We can cover a cookie of your choice in milk, dark or white chocolate and decorate it in colors and embellishments to compliment your event. We also have an awesome machine that prints any image or photograph onto edible paper using edible ink. This means that you can literally eat anything you choose. Want to eat Mt. Everest? Get it printed on a cookie! Always wondered what the planet tastes like? Get it on a spring treat and find out!

The options really are endless. With our incredible range of mouth-watering confections, such as chocolate pops, platters, Rice Krispie treats, and more, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Step up your spring event with some of these customized cookie and spring treat ideas:

  • Chocolate covered marshmallows for enjoying around the campfire. Compliment them with personalized campfire cookies and make smores.
  • Easter-themed cookie with Easter images printed on them.
  • Cocktail party cookies. Theme your cookies to match your parties theme or colors.
  • Family camp cookies printed with family vacation photos.
  • BBQ party Rice Krispie treats printed with fun jokes or facts make good conversation starters.
  • Wedding favor custom cookies printed with a picture of the happy couple or a personal message.
  • Wedding favor chocolate pops decorated to match the wedding theme.
  • Party platters bursting with a variety of delectable delights all personalized to your liking. 

All our confections can be made to suit any specified dietary requirements and allergies. We work with quality ingredients and care so everyone can enjoy our spring treats without worry. If you have a specific requirement, then talk to us. We will explain how we can accommodate your needs and incorporate your needs or instructions into our creations.

There are so many options when it comes to Sweet Ali's treats you will be making excuses to keep trying them out! With all the enjoyment that the spring season brings, it's only natural that you'll want Sweet Ali to make something special to go with it.

Get Your Spring Treats Now

We have a quick turnaround time so you can rest assured your order will be created in time, especially with our range of fast delivery options.

Treats can be wrapped in cellophane or we can have them arrive in a custom-made gift basket. This means that if you’re ordering them as a gift, you can be confident they’ll be delivered in a professional and timely manner.

Start getting ready for spring by planning your events with Sweet Ali in mind. Knowing you'll be offering original and unique desserts during your springtime fun will make you look forward to them even more. Family and friends will love the surprise.

You can start your order easily by uploading images or photographs via our website. And, of course, you can always call or email us to discuss your requirements.

We're looking forward to creating something perfect for your springtime event, and no matter how big or small it is, you can rely on Sweet Ali to get the job done well and on time.

Great food is talked about after an event. Offering something personalized may be talked about for years to come! Don’t hold back, hit us with your ideas today and we’ll respond with the perfect spring treats.