Sweet 16 Cookies are the Best Custom Treat!

Sweet 16 Cookies are the Best Custom Treat!

Custom Sweet 16 Cookies

It's a special occasion when your son or daughter turns 16. They're getting older and more grown-up, so throwing them a party is an excellent way to celebrate their new-found independence and blossoming adulthood.

Whether you have a large party or hold an intimate gathering, both will mark the event well. Your teenager will be excited to get together with close friends and family. At Sweet Ali, we love a sweet 16 celebration. And what’s sweeter than chocolate-smothered cookies and customized treats to make this party and its focus stand out?

A buffet stacked full of platters containing sweet 16 cookies, rice Krispie treats, and other delectable delights will look as impressive as it is tasty. All our treats can be decorated to match the theme of your party or the color scheme you use. With a choice of chocolate coatings, colored sprinkles, and an array of other edible embellishments, our dessert platters will impress and satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

A photo montage is a popular way of marking the occasion with photos of the sweet 16 being displayed on a screen during the party. Instead, why not do something unique and fun by having the montage in cookie form? If you send us all the photos, we'll print them using edible ink and place them perfectly on chocolate-covered sweet 16 cookies. It would make a delicious surprise for the birthday boy or girl.

If your teenager has a favorite hobby or past time, why not get images printed onto cookies? If you have a cat crazy daughter, you could have photos of cute kitties. A soccer-mad son may enjoy his favorite team's colors, along with images of a football or favorite players on his cookies. If you have a teenager that's really into a TV show, we have the equipment and skills to print the show's characters onto your sweet 16 cookies. 

We invite you to think about what your son or daughter likes best or what would represent their transition into adulthood. Provide us with the images and let us work our magic to make your party a great success.

After all the fun and the guests are leaving, custom sweet 16 cookies would make great gifts. Guests can enjoy cookies once they are home. And edibles almost always find a home, unlike other party favors that some people will find useful and others will not. 

Sweet 16 Party Favors

Sweet 16 party favors are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your teenager and their special birthday. This is why we’ve worked hard so that we can provide you with beautiful, edible party favors for this special event. Individually wrapped with cellophane and tied with a colored ribbon, each favor will contain a treat of your choice. You could go for the classic chocolate-covered sweet 16 cookies decorated with a number "16" or a customized rice Krispie treat. The cake pop is also popular - we think they are impressive and that your guests will agree!

They can be customized with the teen’s picture or if the teen is a musician or athlete, you can order custom music notes or sports equipment cookies. If they’re getting their drivers permit or license, you can choose traffic sign or steering wheel cookies – the decoration possibilities are endless! And if you are a lover of marshmallows, we offer custom rice krispy treats as well!

If your sweet 16 decides they don't want a party or gathering, our sweets still make a thoughtful gift. We can provide gift baskets bursting full of goodies or cookies perfectly displayed in a gift box. No teenager can resist the gift of chocolate-covered confections.

No matter if it’s just a group of small friends or a huge gathering in a banquet hall – custom Sweet 16 cookies will add just the right touch to your dessert table. You can customize them to match the party theme or ask the guest of honor what special decoration he or she would want them to have. Everyone will appreciate how you focused on the details of the party – especially the delicious cookies you serve for dessert!

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Whether it’s a chocolate covered sandwich cookie or a crispy rice treat pop, your guests will be sure to admire that you ordered custom Sweet 16 cookies for your teen’s big day! Contact us today to chat about how you can get custom cookies for your next special event!

And fast delivery to anywhere in the US also means that last-minute party planners needn’t miss out. And there is no need to worry about allergies either. We make all our creations in a nut-free environment. While they do contain some dairy, we can ensure our treats are gluten-free if you wish.

With our sweet 16 cookies, you can give your soon-to-be-16-year-old the sweetest birthday ever.