Branding 101 - Cookies With Logos!

Branding 101 - Cookies With Logos!

There are so many ways to promote your business, club, or association that it's getting difficult to stand out. Furthermore, promoting your brand or business can be costly. Often, without giving much in return. If you’re looking for a way to get your logo noticed in a new and exciting way, have you considered cookies with logos? 

It sounds so simple, because it is. And it’s a branding strategy that works. People love cookies and are rarely disappointed to receive one. Even if they don't eat cookies themselves, the chances are that someone in their family or office will, so it’s a gift that will never go to waste. Cookies with logos, therefore, are the perfect way to get your logo seen and appreciated.

Cookies With Logos - Some Sweet Ideas!

Are you hosting a corporate event or do you need to promote your brand? There are so many different products out there that you can add your business logo too but these are often tired old clichés like stress balls for example which have been done to death and aren’t very exciting.

The last thing people need is another stress ball in their lives so how about adding your logo to something that your customers will actually enjoy?

Get people talking about your brand and business by giving out cookies with logos from Sweet Ali! Not only is it a tasty treat but your branded confections will serve as a positive promotional tool which will get your customers returning for more and more!

Whether it’s a scrumptious chocolate-covered Oreo with an edible image of your logo or a custom order of cookies and other sweets, brand promotion has never been more delicious!

We at Sweet Ali pride ourselves on using only the best products and we work in a nut-free facility which will give you peace of mind that you’re not endangering anyone with your promotional snacks.

Cookies with logos can be used for many different promotional events. Here’s a few to get you started:

Impress prospective new clients

Are you trying to promote your business and get more customers through the door?

Our eye-catching branded cookies will get prospective clients to notice your brand immediately.

Have a plate of them on your service desk or send a gift box to anyone you want to impress. For an extra impressive show, consider one of our yummy platters and mix in cookies with logos on as well as other corporate treats in your brand colors.

Attract people to your stand

Do you have a corporate trade show coming up? Beat all your competition by having the best - and most delicious - promotional freebies at your stand! Everyone is going to flock to find out what you’re all about when word gets around that cookies are on offer.

Whilst people are standing there tucking into the tasty snack, it will give you an opportunity to explain your products and services to them. Chances are, they’ll want more than one cookie too which will keep them listening for longer!

Woo loyal customers

Do you have a loyal customer base? Send a little thanks their way by sending some branded cookies.

If they haven’t bought from you or used your services for a while, your cookies with logos will certainly get them thinking of you whilst they eat them.

Perfect product launches

Do you have an exciting product to launch? Or maybe you’re opening a new branch of your business. Whatever you do on launch day, make sure you have platters of branded cookies to tie into the event.

You could even have cookies with pictures of the new product on them and others decorated in your brand or theme colors. If you’re opening a new branch of your business, how about having the location name written on the cookies?

The cookies will provide refreshments to your guests as well as reminding them why they’re there.

Here at Sweet Ali, we can work with you to help you plan the perfect treats for your big event.

Business meetings

There’s always tea, coffee and biscuits at business meetings and let's face it - they can sometimes be the most exciting thing there! Why not liven up your business meetings by offering our branded cookies to the people there?

The delicious offerings will give everyone a much-needed sugar rush and they go perfectly with hot beverages. If the meeting is about your brand, it will help people stay on subject too. If you’re having a meeting with clients, impress them with your gourmet refreshments and their edible logos.

Sweet Ali's cookies with logos provide you with an inexpensive way to make an impact during events, shows, and other promotional gatherings. Platters of chocolate-covered Oreos with your logo on top, printed in edible ink, look polished and professional while providing a much-needed snack for your guests or attendees.

It’s even possible to have each cookie individually wrapped in cellophane or in a small gift box. Given to customers or other individuals, each cookie will make a great impression as a token of appreciation. 

Our cookies are light and easy to transport. If you need a lot of them for a huge event, they won't be difficult to move around. And unlike other foods, they won't perish quickly as long as you keep them away from anywhere that's too warm.

cookies with logos on them

Ordering Cookies With Logos

Ordering your cookies with logos has never been easier. All you have to do is click Order Now and select Upload Your Own Image. After that, select the classic chocolate-covered Oreo or one of Sweet Ali's other popular treats. 

Once you've clicked on the treat you'd like to order, you can then select how you want them to be wrapped. Then you can upload the images that are to be printed onto the cookies.

Please bear in mind when you are uploading photos that:

  • Images are printed onto a circle. Please select the right logo composition, so it looks great in that shape.
  • High-resolution images work best and look most professional.
  • You can upload up to 12 different images. Why not mix your logo with your brand colors and other designs?

After you've finished uploading your images, you can select to have your treats covered in dark, milk, or white chocolate, or a combination. All that's left to do after this is click "Add to Cart."

Once you’re ready to pay, head to the cart. Your shipping costs and taxes will be calculated for you and added to the final amount.

The whole process takes about five minutes. With our super fast shipping options, you can receive your custom logo cookies in plenty of time for your promotional event or party.

Branding is straightforward with Sweet Ali. Since Ali - the creator of this business - has a background in marketing, she knows that providing cookies with logos on is an effective way to promote your business or club. We can work with you to come up with the perfect promotional product no matter what the reason or event.

With plenty to choose from on our menu, you can be sure to satisfy the most picky of eaters and ensure they’ll be talking about your business for weeks to come.

Give us a call today and we can get started on your scrumptious cookies with logos!