Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season With Fall-Themed Cookies

Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season With Fall-Themed Cookies

This year, a national coffee chain broke a new record when it released Fall-favorite pumpkin spice lattes on August 17th. Clearly, we're not the only folks stoked for the arrival of Fall flavors and aesthetics!

Here at Sweet Ali, we've been champing at the bit to bring our friends and fans the most stunning and delicious Fall treats, and we know you're eager, too. 

The season doesn't truly start until you get your hands on our Fall-themed cookies and confections. They're perfect for dunking in Autumn lattes, snacking at the pumpkin patch, or celebrating our favorite Fall holidays. These iconic treats are fully customizable and always nut-free. 

While you don't ever need an excuse to purchase cookies, we thought we'd provide you with a few good reasons to get your hands on our treats this Fall. Read on to learn how to pumpkin spice up the season with our favorite confections! 

Here's What We're Celebrating This Fall

The first day of Fall is September 22nd, but many families begin to acknowledge Fall on the day the kids go back to school. If you want to start your Autumn observances early, we promise not to tell! It isn't too soon to buy cookies to welcome the season—but here are a few perfect Fall events, just in case you need an excuse. 

The Autumn Equinox

The Autumnal equinox, or the first day of Fall, is on September 22nd. On this day, the sun will be exactly above the equator. That gives you about twelve hours of daylight to spend eating leaf-topped Sweet Ali cookies! 

World Teachers Day

By October 5th, teachers have gone through the wringer! You can acknowledge these hard-working professionals by sending your child to school with a school-themed confection platter from Sweet Ali. We'll curate a coordinating collection of all our favorites—but they might disappear by the end of homeroom! 


October 24th is Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, during which populations worldwide welcome a year of prosperity. It's a five-day celebration, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy a selection of Sweet Ali goodies. We'll replicate those gorgeous red-hued mandalas on our confections to create a centerpiece for your Diwali celebration. 


Halloween always falls on October 31st, but we won't blame you if you start celebrating spooky season early! Let us help you cater your Halloween party with sprinkle-covered cookies and treats for every ghost and ghoul. We love sculpting chocolate shapes to decorate cookies and treats with bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and more. 

Veterans Day

If you have a veteran in your life, don't forget to honor their hard work on November 11th. We're happy to customize some patriotic confections. We can custom print photos or images representative of your veteran's branch or rank! 


For many families, Thanksgiving (which falls on November 25th this year) officially marks the end of Fall. You'll need plenty of sugary fuel to wake up early and go Black Friday shopping! Bring a platter of Sweet Ali confections to your Thanksgiving feast, and the guests will be giving thanks to you! 

Fall-Themed Cookies From Sweet Ali

At Sweet Ali, we've perfected the art of customization. Our most popular confections are our chocolate-covered Oreo cookies. We start with a crowd favorite and perfect it, meaning our standards and quality are always high. 

We can begin with regular, gluten-free, or specialty Oreos. The process starts when we coat the cookies in a smooth, shiny layer of white, milk, or dark chocolate. From there, we'll customize the decor to suit your holiday, theme, or color scheme.

When we say "custom," we mean it! We can print edible images, photos, logos, quotes, monograms, and more directly on your cookie. You can pick from our library of high-quality color images or provide your own designs. 

We're also proud of our massive array of candy sprinkles. We love to come up with a custom variety that matches your theme perfectly. We'll add colorful chocolate drizzle, three-dimensional chocolate shapes, and even incorporate your favorite candy. 

Our famous chocolate-covered Oreos are only one of our crowd-pleasing confections. We can also create custom Fall-inspired chocolate or marshmallow pops, chocolate bark, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more.

Crisp, Cool Customization Ideas for Fall

If you want this season to be memorable, your best bet is to combine all of your Sweet Ali favorites into a party platter! We'll help you design an aesthetic masterpiece that makes the perfect addition to any celebration. They also make unique, tasty gifts for an individual or a crowd. 

Here are a few of the yummy confections you might include in your perfect Fall platter:

  • Chocolate-covered pretzel Witch's Wands 
  • Chocolate Oreos with custom-printed Diwali mandalas
  • Popcorn with foliage-inspired chocolate drizzle
  • Rice Krispie treats featuring a spooky sprinkle assortment
  • Custom gift cookies for a dedicated educator
  • Individually-wrapped cookies for a Halloween party
  • Pumpkin-colored brownie pops

All our treats are available for local pick-up in Randolf, New Jersey, but we ship throughout the United States. Consider sending a "back to school" assortment to a student in the dorms. You can even send "Fall in a box" to a friend in a climate without colorful foliage. 

FALL in Love With Sweet Ali This Autumn 

Without a doubt, Fall is our favorite time of year—and this stunning season only gets sweeter when you add Fall-themed cookies from Sweet Ali. You can order and gift our classic confections to celebrate anything from the first red leaf to the first snowfall. Our customizable cookie designs make the perfect party cookies for schools, organizations, families, or events. 

Now is the time to place your order and start embracing Fall. Reach out today to discuss your perfect assortment of Sweet Ali sweets and treats. We know you'll FALL in love with everything we have to offer!