Holiday Trend: Custom Holiday Cookies Delivered to Your Loved Ones

Holiday Trend: Custom Holiday Cookies Delivered to Your Loved Ones

Cookies have a long and remarkable history, dating all the way back to the 7th century AD. Different cultures have developed their own unique cookie recipes in that time, from the German Pfeffernusse to the Spanish galleta. 

There's no better time to indulge in your love of unique cookies than the holiday season! Whether you want to fill your home with tasty treats for you and the kids or you want to send a warming gift to a loved one, custom holiday cookies are the perfect treat.

In years past, you may have approached the holiday season with a spatula in one hand and a cup of flour in the other. Now, why not let someone else take over the baking so that you can get straight to the enjoying?

Read on to learn more about custom holiday cookies and why you need them this holiday season!

Why Go With Custom Holiday Cookies?

Sure, you could head to your grocery store and buy a few packs of store-bought cookies and throw them in a seasonal tin. While the gift will still be appreciated, you could also go for that extra "wow" factor of gifting your loved ones with something unique, personal, and homey. 

Not sold? Let's talk about the two major reasons that custom holiday cookies are the way to go!

Holiday Cookies Aren't Just for Christmas

When it comes to holiday cookies, Christmas cookies tend to steal the show. At Sweet Ali, we think that every holiday should get more confectionary love! 

You might not find cookies for every holiday at the grocery store, but when you partner with us, the only limit is your imagination! We can work to create the right shapes, flavor profiles, and images to come up with the perfect sweet treat for your favorite holiday, no matter the season.

Customized Holiday Cookies are Personal

When it comes to sending gifts for any holiday, the more personal, the better. When a gift has a personal touch, the receiver knows how much thought you put into it, and it makes them feel extra special!

Most people don't think to make cookies so customized that they can even feature someone's favorite movie characters, sports team, or even their own face! Here at Sweet Ali, we realized that there was a major opportunity to make everyone's favorite dessert even sweeter with 100% customizable cookie toppers and decorations.

When to Order Custom Holiday Cookies?

Does anyone really need an excuse to order custom cookies? No, but we're still happy to list the many holidays that could be brightened with custom holiday cookies. 

Keep in mind that if we're approaching a major cookie holiday (like Christmas, of course), you'll want to get your orders in as early as possible. We do book up fast in the weeks leading up to the holiday season!

Now, let's get the inspiration flowing with some custom holiday cookie ideas!


Of course, Halloween has to make the list. Here at Sweet Ali, we feel that Halloween sets the holiday season in motion! Order cookies printed with your kids' cute and ghoulish Halloween costumes, scenes from your favorite spooky movies, or classic Halloween images like bats and jack-o-lanterns.


Thanksgiving is all about feeling grateful and eating a ton of delicious food. Why not bring custom Thanksgiving cookies to the gathering this year? Print your Thanksgiving cookies with images of the things that you're thankful for to spark a post-dinner conversation about gratitude.


We couldn't leave Christmas off the list! The Christmas season is always packed with cookie swaps, bake sales, and, well, plenty of opportunities to share and eat cookies. Add some custom Christmas cookies to the list this year for an updated twist on beloved classics.


Hanukkah is all about finding light in the darkness and sharing bonding moments with loved ones. Over the course of eight nights, you also get plenty of opportunities to come together with family and friends to share delicious food. Custom Hanukkah cookies will make a welcome addition to your Hanukkah celebration!

Who Will Enjoy Custom Holiday Cookies?

The best part about holiday cookies is that just about everyone will enjoy them. (We've even got gluten-free and nut-free options to meet a wider range of dietary needs!) To top off our guide to custom holiday cookies, let's talk about some of the people in your life who would love to receive custom holiday cookie tins.

Family Members

Ordering custom cookies for family members is a no-brainer! Who knows your family better than you? You can select varieties and images that will perfectly suit your family members and show them how much you care.

Holiday Party Hosts

One of the first rules of attending a holiday party is that you should never show up empty-handed! Most people think to bring a bottle of wine or a loaf of bread for the table, but we think that there's no better party gift than a dessert. Bring variety to the dessert table and impress the host with custom holiday cookies.

The Office or School

Maybe you're looking for a gift to bring holiday cheer to your office. Perhaps you're looking for a way to say thank you to your kids' hardworking teachers. Because you can buy custom holiday cookies in large batches, they make perfect gifts for groups like coworkers or school faculty members!

Start Planning Your Holiday Cookie Order With Sweet Ali

When it comes to holiday cookies, why should Christmas have all the fun? At Sweet Ali, we believe that custom holiday cookies should have a place at every holiday table and with our help, you can come up with some unique and festive designs!

Ready to start planning your custom holiday cookie order? Contact us and send us some ideas and images so that we can whip up the perfect batch!