The Ultimate Guide to Gluten Free Hanukkah Cookies

The Ultimate Guide to Gluten Free Hanukkah Cookies

This year the Jewish Festival of Lights falls right at the end of December, beginning at sundown on December 18th and ending on December 26th. During Hanukkah, Jewish families light up the night with menorahs to commemorate the victory of the Maccabees and the miracle in the temple of Jerusalem. While contemporary families still engage in a nightly candle-lighting ritual, they also celebrate by spinning dreidels, frying up latkes, and enjoying a range of sweet treats. 

While some Jewish holidays involve specific dietary restrictions, Hanukkah is not one of them. Thus, many families enjoy delicious gluten free Hanukkah cookies as part of their festivities. Every winter gathering is sweeter when you order cookies and treats from Sweet Ali for your Hanukkah celebrations. 

We've created this guide to help you order the ultimate Hanukkah treat, even if someone you love follows a gluten free diet. A platter of festive gluten free food can ensure your Hanukkah celebration is as sweet as possible!

 Continue reading to learn about what Sweet Ali offers for a happy, gluten free Hanukkah.

Why Go Gluten Free for Hanukkah?

The Jewish people have a reputation for many things, and one of them is gathering with food! Every Jewish family knows how to host a holiday feast from start to finish. Holy days are for coming together, enjoying delicious cultural delicacies, and helping everyone feel included. 

Imagine how it would feel for a gluten free family member to show up to a Hanukkah celebration and find there was nothing they could enjoy. While Jews often make accommodations for vegan, lactose-free, and kashrut diets, gluten free dining may seem a little more foreign. Conditions such as celiac disease are becoming more prevalent in Jewish populations, so some family traditions may need to shift to accommodate these needs. 

Sharing Treats at School

Jewish children might want to celebrate the Festival of Lights with their friends and classmates. Due to childhood dietary restrictions, some schools only allow gluten free treats in the classroom. A gluten free Hanukkah treat can ensure that no child gets left out when it's time to share this joyful tradition. 

All Sweet Ali's gluten free cookies and treats taste great, meaning every guest will enjoy them. They're aesthetically pleasing, hand-crafted, and make perfect spreads or favors. Most folks won't notice or care that these yummy cookies are wheat-free. 

Ultimately, Hanukkah is a celebration of miracles. You can create a new miracle for gluten-intolerant party guests by providing treats they can enjoy. A safe Hanukkah celebration is the best miracle of all! 

Explore Our Gluten Free Hanukkah Cookies

When you order from Sweet Ali, you'll always have your pick of beautiful, artisan-quality treats made with colorful, familiar ingredients. The key to our perfect gluten free cookies is a base featuring one of America's favorite baked goods—Oreos! 

How It Works

We begin with a scrumptious gluten free Oreo cookie. Next, we cover it in a perfectly smooth layer of white, dark, or milk chocolate. Let us know if you require certified Kosher chocolate to make your celebration perfect. 

Next, we'll customize our chocolate-covered Oreos to match your ideal Hanukkah theme. We can customize edible logos, messages, images, or even photographs. We love to get creative with colorful chocolate drizzle, vibrant sprinkles, three-dimensional chocolate shapes, nuts, cookie crumbles, and more. 

Deliciously Customizable

Don't have an image in mind? You can choose from our gallery of attractive artwork. We'll print a Star of David, Menorah, or candle design on your cookie. 

If you're planning to share these treats with classmates, we can individually wrap them with custom labels and ribbons. They're easy to transport and hand out. 

They make the perfect additions to a platter or party spread, too. We'll help you arrange the treats or send them on their own. 

Other Gluten Free Hanukkah Treats 

One of our most popular offerings are our gluten free treat platters, which come with a custom assortment of coordinating sweets and treats. They make the perfect centerpiece for a festive Hanukkah dessert table. In addition to our famous chocolate Oreos, you can enjoy some of the following.

Colorful Drizzled Gluten Free Popcorn

Popcorn is naturally gluten free, so we love to use it as the base of our festive platters. We'll cover your crunchy popcorn with a colorful chocolate drizzle for a sweet and savory surprise. Even guests who eat gluten will help themselves by the handful. 

Tasty Gluten Free Chocolate Pretzel Rods

We can craft chocolate-covered pretzel rods in several sizes, from full-sized wands to precious minis. We choose gluten free pretzels to ensure they're safe for everyone. From there, we'll decorate the chocolate coating with colorful drizzles or gorgeous candy sprinkles.

Artsy and Delicious Gluten Free Chocolate Bark

Everyone loves to bite into a generous hunk of chocolate! We can design custom chocolate bark to match your celebration's theme. Each mouth-watering confection comes covered in a bright array of sprinkles.

Marvelous Gluten Free Marshmallow Pops

We'll poke a friendly, candy-striped lollipop stick into a gluten free marshmallow. It's easy to create tasty art by coating them with chocolate! An explosion of sprinkles makes these treats irresistible.  

We can customize our marshmallow pops just like our Oreos. Add an image, photo, or logo to make each pop, well... pop! 

Order Your Gluten Free Hanukkah Cookies From Sweet Ali

Hanukkah may be a minor Jewish holiday, but it falls during the most festive time of year. Children look forward to celebrating, and you can make all eight nights special by including gluten free Hanukkah cookies. Don't let dietary restrictions get between you and your perfect Festival of Lights! 

The celebration begins when you reach out to Sweet Ali to create your perfect custom order. From bespoke favors to carefully curated platters, there's something safe and delicious for everyone. Contact Sweet Ali today and start your new Hanukkah tradition.