The Best Back To School Treats

The Best Back To School Treats

Back to school treats can make your child's day much brighter, but they can also make a sweet surprise for teachers. As you prepare your child for going to school once again, consider whipping up a tasty thank-you treat.

There are several edible school gifts you can create, ranging from cleverly customized cookies to deliciously dipped cakes and marshmallows. But if you're not feeling particularly inspired, you might struggle to choose one.

So, let's explore some of the best back to school treats to ensure you find the right way to say thanks!

Customized Photo Cookies

Did you know that you can print images onto Oreo cookies? That's right, edible ink and paper-thin fondant could make your dream confections a tasty reality.

When your child goes back to school, customized photo cookies could also make an excellent first impression. That's because you can select a wide variety of images for your mouthwatering cookie treats.

You could choose a charming picture of your child or send your kid's teacher a box of cookies that spell out their name! So let your imagination and your sweet tooth run wild and order customized cookies online today. 

Personalized Rice Krispie Treats 

We can personalize your Rice Krispie treats to match your school colors, team or favorite subject. This tasty dessert is so versatility, so we can work with you to make a tasty statement this school year.

We have special molds for interesting, unusual, and unique designs. We can embellish your treats with white, milk, or dark chocolate as well as other edible decorations, such as sprinkles or chocolate flakes.

Even the flavor and color of your personalized Rice Krispie treats can be custom-made. If you have a specific color theme, we can create the treats to match and blend in seamlessly with your design, making them the perfect edible accessory, no matter what you’re planning. Team colors, brand colors or the colors of the rainbow; it’s all possible. Mix and match colors with flavors, too, for a unique and mouthwatering experience.

Perhaps best of all, we can take your photos (or any image you want) and turn them into edible delights. What’s more fun than an edible Rice Krispie treat photo album?

The personalized possibilities of Rice Krispie treats are limitless. This popular sweet snack will be appreciated just about anywhere.

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Smiles

The sensation of twisting an Oreo open and dipping its chocolatey sides into a tall glass of cold milk is one of the best things in this world. But adding another layer of milk chocolate to the experience is even better.

Chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies are a delight, and they're made even better with a little white or yellow icing. That's because the round shape and dark color of these treats make them the ideal canvas for smiley faces!

You could put a smile on the face of your child's teacher by sending them a box of chocolatey cookie smiles form Sweet Ali.

Of course, you can order customized sweets, like chocolate-dipped Oreos, quickly and easily by shopping online. So before you turn your kitchen into a mini sweets factory, consider letting a professional handle your order.

Choose the Best Back To School Treats

Now that we've explored some of the best back to school treats, you can make going to school a sweet experience for your child and their teachers. No matter which treat you choose, be sure it's a tasty one!

The teachers munching on your school gifts will be delighted to receive some tasty school snacks. So be sure to say thanks to a teacher today with the help of customized cookies, cakes, and sweets.

Are you looking for high-quality customized confections? If so, be sure to contact us today to discuss some sweet options.