Summer Themed Oreo Cookie Pops are a Huge Hit

Summer Themed Oreo Cookie Pops are a Huge Hit


Oreos have been a favorite food of households for 110 years. Since its invention in 1912, it is estimated that over 450 billion Oreos have been sold worldwide.

Cake pops are portable bite-sized rounded cake pieces on a stick that are often coated in frosting and adorned with decorative toppings. They come in a variety of flavors and are great dessert ideas that can be customized for events.

Oreo cookie pops combine the deliciousness of an Oreo with the convenience of a cake pop. These Oreos make the perfect summer treats for on-the-go activities. 

Want to know more about Oreo cookie pops? Keep reading this blog post to discover more about why you should add Oreo cookie pops to your list of summer treats. 

Oreo Cookie Pops Travel Well 

Oreo cookie pops are a fun way to change up your summer snacks. They are lightweight and portable so you can take them to the beach, the park, sporting events, concerts and so much more.

Parents can give them to the kids to eat in the car on a road trip. All you'll need is a small cooler or insulated lunch bag and a plastic food storage container with a lid.

Individually wrapped Oreo cookie pops are also safely packaged. They create single servings that are easy to pack and hand out to everyone in your group, whether you are on a family vacation or helping to manage a summer camp field trip.

They are the perfect size for a satisfying Oreo and chocolate treat for mid-day summer snacks or for creative dessert ideas. It's like summer fun on a stick. Serve them chilled for even more fun. 

Oreo Cookie Pops Are a Big Hit at Summer Parties

Looking for something fun that everyone will enjoy at your next backyard BBQ or want to bring something to the potluck that won't get passed over? Oreo treats are always good dessert ideas and Oreo cookie pops are certain to be a hit.

The sticks on Oreo cookie pops make them ideal for arranging in fun ways to fit with the theme. Use a little floral foam piece to stick them into or arrange them in a vase to display them.

Summer birthdays can't go wrong with Oreo cookie pops as summer treats. Weddings and baby showers are also wonderful venues for the versatility and appeal of Oreo cookie pops. 

Their round shape is great for making common summer items like beach balls, sand dollars, and round suns for a beach party theme. The dessert table will be all abuzz with party guests reaching for a tasty Oreo cookie pop, or two. 

Oreo Cookie Pops Are Fully Customizable

Unlike traditional cake pops, Oreo cookie pops are round and flat on both sides. This makes a perfect canvas for even more customization options. 

This customization sets you apart from the rest and creates a one-of-a-kind and memorable food item and edible party favor. So much more personal than just plain candy or mints. Your custom Oreo cookie pops take center stage.

It's now possible to upload an image that can be printed directly onto each cookie with edible ink. For example, if you host a yearly neighborhood block party or BBQ during the summer, you can put your name with a photo and a line of text like "5th Annual Main St. Block Party" or "Johnson Family BBQ 2022". 

For summer weddings, add Oreo cookie pops to your dessert bar with the wedding date and the last name of the bride and groom on the cookie pop.

For baby showers, you can use Oreo cookie pops to have a gender reveal hidden in the color of the cookie's creme. On the outside, you can have the baby's last name on them, such as "Baby Smith" and a design with the projected due date. 

Oreo Cookie Pops Are Loved By Everyone

Oreos have their own special day, National Oreo Day, which is celebrated every year on March 6th, the day they were released back in 1912. Today, Oreos are also available in 100 countries, including the UK, China, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain. 

Because of their long history, Oreos have a fanbase of those young and old who enjoy these iconic cookies. Grandparents share their love of Oreos with their grandchildren. Fathers and sons bond over a stack of Oreos and a glass of cold milk. 

Over 40 billion Oreo cookies are produced each year, which says something about Oreo's likability and staying power over time. All of these facts together prove that Oreo cookie pops are just as good as their cookie counterparts when it comes to summer treats. 

Oreo cookie pops tap into that nostalgia in all of us that remembers having our first Oreo with a dear family member. It's a memory we all hold dear and treasure. We want to share that experience with a new generation and Oreo cookie pops are a terrific way to do it.

Oreo Cookie Pops Are an Affordable Alternative to Traditional Cake

Cakes are beautiful but they can be very costly. Often guests will only want a small piece or they simply don't care for the cake or its flavor. The rest will usually go to waste.

It's also a big deal trying to figure out how much cake to order to cover the number of guests anticipated to attend your event. You don't want to have too little, so you end up overestimating and overspending.

You can order Oreo cookie pops in bulk for much less than a bakery-made three-tiered cake. Plus, they come with the added bonus of being customizable with photos, logos, and text.

Find Customizable Oreo Cookie Pops at Sweet Ali's Customized Confections

Oreo cookies are widely loved as summer snacks and dessert ideas. Oreo cookie pops enhance an Oreo's timelessness in a unique new way. They are the clear choice for creating fun themed summer treats that are sure to please.

Sweet Ali's Custom Confections in Randolph, NJ specializes in a variety of custom treats. We can help you customize Oreo cookie pops for every occasion.

For birthdays, weddings, baby showers, backyard BBQs, and more, make your next event the star attraction with our custom Oreo cookie pops. 

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