Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

Our Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

After the Winter holidays, the start of the new year can seem to stretch on. Although festivities have ended, it’s dark and cold, and people are back to work, remember that it won’t last forever. Four words can make you feel warm inside and give you some hope: Bunny Rice Krispie Treats.

As we go deeper into the new year, the evenings will slowly get lighter, and the weather is gradually starting to warm. Spring is just around the corner and with Spring comes Easter!

Easter is a fantastic time of year. People find that their negelcted gardens are growing again, the sun begins to shine brighter and longer, and people start to look forward to enjoying the outdoors again with friends and family. Easter is a fabulous opportunity to play fun outdoor games with kids like Easter egg hunts.

Bunny Rice Krispie Treats Put the Spring into Your Party

Why not get into the spirit of Spring and throw your own Easter garden party this year? Imagine bright and colorful bunting waving in the breeze, the BBQ in full swing, and lots of yummy treats on offer for your guests.

Sweet Ali, of course, can help out with the delicious confections. Delight the kids and adults alike with yummy Easter bunnies made out of the all-time favorite dessert - Rice Krispie treats. The gooey, crunchy texture is to die for. It’s the reason Rice Krispie treats are so well loved.

What we adore about them most is their versatility. They make the perfect treat to mold into the shape of super cute Easter bunnies!

The really fun part is that we can decorate the bunnies any way you like. They can be color coordinated to match your décor or party color theme. Or, if you want to give them to specific guests, we can write names on them in edible ink.

Better still, if you send us a photo or image, we can print it on edible paper and attach it to the bunnies.

At Sweet Ali, we pride ourselves on offering a fully customizable service. The only limit to what we can do is your imagination!

Imagine how thrilled your guests will be to arrive at your party to find hoards of cute Easter bunnies that taste as good as they look. As you can imagine, bunny Rice Krispie treats are a great conversation starter. They’re so irresistible, you’ll have to forgive your guests for talking with their mouths full.

If parties aren't really your scene, bunny Rice Krispie treats or not, then a perfectly packaged Easter bunny sent to the door will make an impression and make someone’s day.

We can send Easter-themed confectionary individually wrapped or as a matching set. With many options for customization, you can really let your creativity shine.

Delivering Your Easter Confectionary

We offer a range of fast shipping options to anywhere in the US. As soon as we receive an order, we get right to work creating it. That means the recipient of your tasty gift doesn't have to wait long to get their teeth into it.

If an Easter bunny doesn't seem like enough, we can put together an Easter-themed platter featuring custom Easter cookies and bunny Rice Krispie treats. Our products can be delivered with Easter-themed motifs and images printed on them. We can also make Easter-themed customized chocolate pops so you can really go to town and order up a sumptuously sweet Easter feast.

It’s Easter for Employees, Too

If you’re an employer, why not thank your employees for working hard by ordering them a bunny Rice Krispie treat each? This may be a great way to show your gratitude and spread some Easter joy. The individually wrapped, delicious little critters can be waiting on their desks when they arrive to work. What a great day to start the day!

The bunnies can, of course, be branded in your corporate colors and even have your corporate logo printed on them if you so desire, like our custom logo cookies. Your employees will know they're well and truly appreciated when they receive their Easter confections.

Whatever your plans are this Easter, our Easter treats are versatile enough to suit any kind of event or gift giving. Rice Krispie treats are universally loved, so you know you're making a safe choice when you order one of our bunnies.

If you want something customized or other confections for Easter, Sweet Ali can help. We're just a phone call away from discussing your ideas, so get in touch. We're happy to help in any way we can to get your dessert dreams made into a reality.

Make this Easter the best one yet. Enjoy the brighter, warmer days and time with the family all while enjoying Sweet Ali’s scrumptious bunny Rice Krispie treats!