Personalized Face Cookies – Your Face on a Cookie

Personalized Face Cookies – Your Face on a Cookie

Personalized Face Cookies

Do you want a unique dessert that designed just for the person who receives it? Typical “personalized” desserts are slightly altered, mass-market productions. These companies put a few words or the recipient’s first name on a cake. While this is a level of personalization, we don’t agree that this makes a dessert unique. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to create something extraordinary. We can help you make it clear who the dessert is for and what it represents. One of the best ways to do this is by putting a face on the cookies. And best of all, you can order these custom cookies online!

The image quality of our personalized face cookies is exceptional. Even a casual acquaintance will recognize the image at a glance. Provide us with the image and a few details and we’ll get back to you with a genuinely unique batch of custom cookies.

Which Picture Do You Use?

Overall, you want to create the right tone for your custom cookies. That means not only choosing a presentable picture but also a relevant one. Consider whether or not the picture matches the stage of the person’s life that you want to highlight. And think about how you want people to feel when they see the picture. Is your desire to make people smile, laugh, or feel proud, for example?

Let us know what you are trying to achieve and our design experts will be able to help. We’ve created personalized face cookies many times, but every order is different. That’s what makes personalized face cookies so special.

Creating a personalized face cookie offers you the opportunity to say something about the person represented. You can choose an image that shows the person’s character or values, or what they enjoy doing. Is your recipient wearing a riding hat or a fake mustache? The picture you choose can be revealing. We know what works and what does not and we’ll be happy to show you examples of personalized face cookies so you can see what’s possible and generate more ideas of your own.

We will require a good quality picture that shows detail. It will be helpful if the colors are vivid. We recommend using a recent picture if you’re celebrating a recent event. Otherwise, feel free to reach back in time for personal memories. You can even use a picture from childhood. A picture containing no more than a few objects will help us reproduce a good-looking, clear image on the cookies. And remember that the image you use may be resized to fit a small cookie, which might mean some loss of detail.

With our personalized face cookies, you’ll know that there is not another batch of cookies like it anywhere in the world. This tends to make the person pictured feel very special and very happy. Choose a great picture and we’ll do the rest.

How to Get the Picture to Us

We hope you have fun choosing your picture. Feel free to send us several, letting us know which one is your preference and why. If the image itself is not “perfect,” we can make some adjustments, such as cropping the edges, to make it work on a personalized cookie.

To send a picture to us, upload it through our website. We’ll take it from there. Before long, you’ll have a batch of impressive, personalized face cookies to share and enjoy.

For more information about how we make personalized cookies, to talk about imagery, or to get started with an order, get in touch with us at Sweet Ali today.