Party Inspiration - 8 Great Ideas To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Party Inspiration - 8 Great Ideas To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Everyone loves a good party, but the parties that are remembered long after they're over usually had a creative flair that wowed guests. How do you find the right ingredients to throw an exceptional party? We have some inspiration to help you grow your ideas.

If you're planning a party and are feeling stuck, here are eight ideas to get that party inspiration cooking!

  1. Give Your Party a Theme

    Themes are the greatest source of party inspiration. Theme ideas are limitless. A favorite movie, country, food, or sport are all popular themes for fun parties.

    Just as you can make or buy decor that matches your theme, the food and drinks can match too. For example, you can have plates of personalized chocolate covered oreos that have images of your theme on them. You could even go one step further and get your guests to dress up too!
  2. Create a Color Scheme

    If full-on themes aren't your thing, how about tying everything together with a gorgeous color scheme? You could go for a chic and simple monochrome, fun and feminine with pinks and purples, or vibrant orange and blue shades.

    If you have a favorite sports team, you can use their team colors for your party inspiration. Sweet Ali can provide you with delicious treats such as personalized Rice Krispie treats or choco pops, all customized to perfectly fit in with your color scheme.
  3. Go Formal

    Give guests a reason to get their best attire out by hosting a black-tie event. You don't need a mansion to get dressed in your finest clothes. This idea can be even more fun in a small space.
  4. Go Incognito

    Add a touch of mystery with your party inspiration. Have guests wear masks to hide their identity. If you have a specific party theme, you can always create masks that match.
  5. Who Dunnit?

    Fancy something a bit different from your ordinary party? Transform your house into a “crime scene” and have your guests participate in finding out "who did it."

    This idea is especially good for smaller gatherings and helps break the ice. You could even get some customized cookies with important clues written on top!
  6. Take it Outside

    If the weather is nice, why not take things outside for a good old-fashioned tea party? Beautifully laid picnic tables with towers of cakes and treats and pots of perfectly brewed tea will create a quirky yet refined event. Go one step further and have a Mad Hatters tea party!
  7. Pot Luck Buffet

    Ask guests to bring a dish to your party. If everyone contributes food, you will end up with a fantastic home-made buffet. What food they bring is, of course, pot luck!
  8. Get Snapping

    Photo booths are a hugely popular addition to parties. They provide a lovely memento of the event for guests. You don't need to hire a photo booth to experience this. You can create your own experience with a polaroid camera and lots of fun accessories.

If you were stuck for party inspiration, we hope these ideas have helped you dream up the perfect event. Whatever you plan, we can provide customized treats and desserts to go with it. Simply give us a call, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.