Graduation Cookies – Made to Order

Graduation Cookies – Made to Order

An extremely important point in a person’s life is the culmination of their education. When someone graduates, they’ve crossed the finish line. Reaching the end of a course of study is an excellent achievement and deserves a special event. That means doing something that reminds them of the special moment but also shares it with others they love. Usually, that means a celebration. And before a celebration, it’s usual to make an announcement.

For a memorable and enticing announcement, consider sending something unique, custom-made for the person graduating. Printed announcements are obvious and forgettable, even with fancy graphics and shiny paper. Graduation cookies to order, on the other hand, will provide an element of surprise and show thoughtfulness that makes this event stand out.

Our Custom Graduation Cookies to Order

At Sweet Ali, we’re in the business of selling cookies. The best cookies. That’s why we only use natural ingredients and we do not add preservatives. You’ll discover that our cookies, including our graduation cookies, are nothing like store cookies, which are dosed with preservatives. Store cookies can sit on shelves for weeks without changing in appearance or taste. Our cookies, including graduation cookies to order, are the best because they are fresh.

Since we don’t use preservatives, our cookies will taste great, but we need to get them to you fast. Not a problem. We have overnight shipping and other several other forms of air delivery. Once you receive your cookies, distribute and eat them while they are at their peak. Trust us: when you smell your custom cookies, you’ll want to do just that.

If you intend to use your graduation cookies as invitations, send them as soon as possible. This will get them to their recipients while they are at their freshest and it will remove the temptation to eat them all yourself. If you are going to give them out at a celebration, we recommend that you order them as close as possible to the date so they can be consumed in their intended condition. We make our graduation cookies to order and they won’t sit in our warehouse after we make them. They cool and go straight to you.

Graduation Cookies

Just as we place importance on freshness, we also prioritize uniqueness. Our graduation cookies can feature any design you want. You can have a school logo or motto, in which case a shield or seal often makes a fine design. Alternatively, you might wish to incorporate the school colors or an image of the institution to remember the place where it all happened.

Many of our graduate cookies feature an image of the graduate, taken from a recent photograph (see our personalized face cookie article). An image of the graduate standing with their family is a popular choice or you might like an image of the hard-working graduate with an inspirational teacher.

If you’d like to provide photographs for us to work from, you don’t need to be a professional photographer. Photographs taken with most digital cameras should qualify, providing enough detail for us to create your design. Cell phone pictures can work too. If you can’t provide a photograph or you don’t have access to a digital device, pictures in the public domain can be useful. Check internet sources for free artwork that suits your needs or ask us to help and we’ll jump to it. As for getting pictures to us, you only need to upload them to our website. We’ll handle it from there, giving them pride of place on your graduation cookies to order.

If you have questions about graduation cookies to order or you are ready to place your order, we’re ready for you to get in touch with us at Sweet Ali.