Edible Corporate Gifts - Make Work Sweet

Edible Corporate Gifts - Make Work Sweet

Sweet Ali Edible Corporate Gifts

Being a great boss isn’t just about improving the bottom line. While it’s important to keep those sales coming in it’s equally important to make sure your employees feel valued and appreciated.

All too often a lot of companies forget just how hard their staff work and the extra hours of effort they put in to make the company successful.

No boss would be successful if it weren’t for their employees so if you’re the one in charge, make sure you’re showing your employees a little appreciation every now and again.

A great way to show you are aware of how great your employees are is by showering them with edible corporate gifts!

The way to anyone’s heart is food and what better way to motivate and boost staff morale than by providing them with a sweet and tasty morsel or two to get them started on the day?

Here at Sweet Ali, we can make this all possible - and easy - with our edible corporate gifts.

Anyone can provide a tray of cookies or candies from any old store, but we go that extra mile by allowing our service to be completely customizable. This means you can have your cookies, Rice Krispie treats. Chocolate pops, Oreos or other confectionery delights exactly the way you want them!

By making use of modern technology, we can print any photo or image into edible art which can then be added onto the cookies. The printer uses food coloring instead of ink making it 100% safe to eat. Your branding, logo or other corporate design can be transformed into a delicious edible corporate gift in no time at all!

You could even personalize the gifts for each employee. Have their photo printed upon it or have the edible corporate gift decorated with something they will like. Or, if you have a lot of employees you wish to show your appreciation for then we can make big platters filled with confections of your choice and customized exactly how you wish.

It will show your employees that if they go the extra mile for you, you will go the extra mile for them.

As well as appreciation gifts, the edible corporate gifts can be used in a variety of ways:

  • An employee of the month gift
  • Christmas or other holiday employee gifts
  • Brand or corporate promotional items
  • Refreshments at corporate events
  • Incentive scheme prizes
  • Customer appreciation gifts
  • New Year goodies
  • Leaving or retirement gifts
  • Promotion gifts
  • Cookies with logos for the office kitchen

Whatever reason you need the edible corporate gifts for we can provide the perfect solution.

At Sweet Ali, we can also wrap the treats individually. Perfect if you need to give them out to lots of staff members.

A personal note or thank you card is also included free of charge adding a nice personal finishing touch to your gift. All budgets are catered for too. With gifts starting at 25 dollars there will be something to suit everyone no matter how big or small the company.

We’ve made extra sure that our turnaround times and shipping methods are quick so you can be reassured that your edible corporate gifts are going to get there on time. Often orders are fulfilled within a day of you ordering and we use UPS or FedEx to get things sent quick smart.

Building staff morale has never been simpler with our easy ordering process. All you need to do is:

  • Pick your product/s
  • Choose your customization
  • Tell us how often you would like them sent. We can send them daily, weekly, quarterly or whenever you need them
  • Send us a list of recipients and we’ll do all the rest!

We know that your time is precious so if you plan on using Sweet Ali more than once (when you taste our scrumptious sweets, you’ll be sure to come back!), we can set up a credit account for you making ordering easy and quick.

By using our edible corporate gifts, there’s never been a better or more original way to show your staff or customers some appreciation. By choosing Sweet Ali, you can be sure of fast, reliable service and that our creations will be delicious and exactly to your liking.

We are more than happy to discuss your ideas and turn them into reality. Be the best boss ever and give us a call!