Sweet Ali's Inspiration for Custom Disney Cakes and Sweets

Sweet Ali's Inspiration for Custom Disney Cakes and Sweets

The Walt Disney Company has been charming children and their families for nearly a century! Next year, Disney will be celebrating its 100th anniversary, and there's a lot to celebrate! At Sweet Ali's Custom Confections, we'll be joining in the festivities by crafting gorgeous custom Disney cakes, cookies, and confections for our customers nationwide!

Why are we drawn to custom Disney sweets? For the same reason why Disney has become a beloved institution! Sweet Ali takes inspiration from the wonder, magic, and charming aesthetic of your favorite princesses and properties. 

We want to help every Disney fan celebrate the mouse's massive milestone by offering Disney themed sweet treats for every occasion. Custom confections make the perfect addition to any party or celebration. The only limit is your imagination! 

Are you already dreaming up your perfect custom cake ideas for a delightful Disney-themed bash? Read on to learn more about what Sweet Ali's has to offer. 

Why Do We Love Disney?

At Sweet Ali, we believe Disney stands for innovation. As creatives, we can't help but see a bit of ourselves in the innovators in the Walt Disney Ink and Paint Department during the company's earliest days. These mostly-female pioneers pursued research in chemistry to create the paints and materials that would go on to transform the history of animation worldwide!

The creativity and innovation didn't stop there. The Walt Disney Company also created the term "Imagineer." They combine pixie dust and engineering to craft the experiences that families remember for a lifetime. 

Plus, Disney stands for joy! So many children's first cinematic experience happens under the glow of a classic animated Disney film. Fans of all ages have fallen in love with the complex, iconic characters that fill the Disney cinematic universe. 

We're genuinely passionate about Disney, which is why Sweet Ali is the premier destination for Disney cakes and sweets. You'll see and taste that love (and a touch of pixie dust) in every confection. 

Our Custom Disney-Themed Sweets

In the Disney universe, a little imagination goes a long way! The same is true when you order Disney themed cakes from Sweet Ali! When it comes to custom cake ideas, the sky is the limit, so dream big! 

Here are a few of the most popular confections we offer, plus a few ideas for adding an extra touch of the mouse's magic to your treats!

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Can you imagine a more iconic combination than Disney and America's favorite cookie? Chocolate-covered Oreo cookies from Sweet Ali are fully customizable with your favorite characters, movie quotes, and colors. They are always nut-free and make the perfect favors for a Disney themed celebration.

You can upload your own custom Disney images or leave the design to us. We'll cover the cookies in your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate and top them with your edible image. We can further customize your creative creations with coordinating sprinkles for an extra taste of magic!

If you send us a Pinterest board or a few inspirational images, we can take it from there! We'll design you a set of cookies featuring your favorite animated friends! 

Magical Pretzel Wands

It wouldn't be Disney without magic, and your party guests deserve some, too! We craft chocolate and sprinkle-covered pretzel "wands" to match any theme or color scheme, from Cars to Encanto! These colorful classic treats perfectly complement any dessert spread and look so cute on display! 

Delightful Disney Krispy Cakes and Treats

Are you a fan of ooey-gooey marshmallowy decadence? Now you can enjoy your favorite Disney characters or images on top of a giant Rice Krispy cake, perfect for sharing with a crowd! We'll create a gorgeous custom cake topper and then decorate the design with chocolate, frosting, sprinkles, and 3D chocolate shapes! 

Your Krispy Cake will look like any other birthday cake, but it will be completely nut-free. It's the perfect cake for a guest-of-honor with food allergies. 

Are you looking for something daintier? We also offer individual customized Rice Krispies treats. Like the larger version, these can feature Disney-inspired designs and colors to match any party theme. 

We can also wrap your treats individually. They make the perfect edible favors after a fun-filled Disney-themed bash! Families love consumable favors because they taste great and reduce clutter! 

Make It a Platter

Remember when we said that the only limit is your imagination? That wasn't a figure of speech! If you're excited by all the options and can't seem to choose, we'll help you curate a Disney-themed platter full of all of our favorite treats and sweets!

Our platters can include Rice Krispies treats, pretzel wands, chocolate-covered Oreos, chocolate-drizzled popcorn, custom marshmallow pops, and even sprinkle-covered chocolate bark! Everything will coordinate with your images and party themes to create a cohesive centerpiece for any event!

You won't have to stick to a single image or design. We can dot your platter with a range of the most beloved characters and logos. We can even print an edible image of the birthday child's face!

Platters come in small, medium, large, and extra-large options. When you contact us, we'll help you create the perfect spread with your dietary restrictions at the forefront.

A custom platter from Sweet Ali is the best way to offer concessions when screening your favorite Disney movie at home!

Order Your Custom Disney Cakes From Sweet Ali's

The only person who knows more about making magic than Walt Disney himself is Sweet Ali! Sweet Ali Custom Confections supplies customers with the most creative custom Disney cakes. We proudly ship our products, so you can get your own slice of the magic whether you're here in New Jersey or in Never Never Land!  

Your Disney Dream begins when you contact Sweet Ali to order your creative, customized treats! We can't wait to work with you to design the confections of your dreams!