Time to Celebrate Spring with Springtime Cookies!

Time to Celebrate Spring with Springtime Cookies!

Springtime Cookies

Spring is definitely here! As the mounds of snow begin to melt, the birds start to sing and the tree buds begin to bloom, there’s a wonderfully sweet smell that permeates the air – Mmmm Springtime Cookies!

Spring not only brings beautiful flowers, but several wonderful reasons to enjoy delightful desserts. Springtime cookies and confections are the best way to add a personalized touch to any Spring celebration.

Whether it’s Easter, Passover, a wedding, or baptism, your guests will be charmed by the personally-crafted, sweet treats you serve! There are so many images of springtime you can personalize with – flowers, bumble bees, and birds – we can make springtime cookies that will make your dessert tray sing!

There are so many special springtime events. For baptisms, we can print a cross or praying hands for a blessed baby’s milestone event. For Spring weddings, we can create wedding bells and add pearls or edible gems in any other shape, design and color that is meaningful to the happy couple. Our Easter designed chocolate-covered sandwich cookies can feature Easter eggs, bunny ears and baskets for an adorable Easter-themed party.

Personalizing desserts is something special – it demonstrates to your guests that you care about the details. Our chocolate-covered sandwich cookies can be customized to feature corporate logos, icons, taglines, imagery, or even a special message of your choice. Whether it becomes part of your dessert table or used as a party favor, customized springtime cookies will put a smile on everyone’s face!

No matter what celebration you’re planning, just contact us so we can create a unique and memorable treat for your guests to enjoy. Our customized cookies and confections can be designed around just about anything you dream up – just name it!  Contact us for more information and to place your order today!