Best Sorority Cookies For Rush Week

Best Sorority Cookies For Rush Week

If you're joining the ranks of the 9 million Americans that have gone Greek, congratulations! You're about to create lifelong bonds with girls who share your interests and values.

First, though, you need to get through rush week.

One of the best ways to sweeten your sorority sisters to you is to create custom sorority cookies and bring them to group events. Here, we're going to talk about the best rush week cookies so that you can get a head start in making connections and becoming part of your chosen sisterhood!

Chocolate Covered Oreos: A Taste Sensation

There are tons of different cookies in the world, but chocolate covered Oreos are by far the best. But why is this?

Well, for starters, they're incredibly unique. Tons of people go to the store and pick up sugar cookies or chocolate chip options. Your chocolate covered Oreos are sure to make an impression since most people probably hadn't even considered them.

They also are fresher than store-bought cookie varieties. Since every batch of our cookies is made to order, you can rest assured that they haven't been sitting on a shelf for weeks in the same way that many store-brand cookies have. You'll deliver fresh flavor to your new sisters, which they're sure to appreciate.

Another great thing about chocolate covered Oreos is that you can get them in multiple different varieties. Whether you prefer milk, white, or dark chocolate, you can simply specify this in your order form. Our confectionery is happy to create the perfect cookies to suit your tastes and those of your sorority sisters.

As a new sorority member, you may not know what everyone likes, so you might want to get a mixture of chocolate types! This will ensure that you make a good impression on each and every one of your new sisters as well as sorority heads.

sorority cookie tray

What Custom Images Can Be Printed on Them?

The best thing about chocolate covered Oreos is that they can be customized in a wide variety of ways. You can print virtually any image on them that you want. This makes them even more unique and memorable to those who enjoy them.

One of the best possible designs is the symbol for your sorority. This on-brand cookie design shows that you have sorority spirit and are excited to become part of the sisterhood. It shows that you value the symbol and the values, vision, and mission that it stands for.

However, there are other alternatives. Our professionals can add more detailed images to your cookies as well.

Images of your sorority are totally an option here. You can have a small rendition of your sorority house or images of the individual girls that are in the sisterhood. If you choose the latter, everyone can have an Oreo that features their own face, which is amazingly cool.

You can also have an image of everyone in the sorority- group shots are totally possible! This is fun since it lets people try to pick their own faces out of the group. It also inspires a sense of unity since everyone is being shown together on each individual cookie.

These images are tailor-made to get your new sisters in the right mindset for rush week. They also help to establish a connection between you and the sorority so that you're more likely to get into it. If you aren't rushing for a sorority with a guaranteed bid, this memorability can make or break your chances of getting a place in the sisterhood that you covet.

How to Design Your Sorority Cookies

At this point, you may be wondering how you can design your custom sorority cookies and have them made for you. You'll be happy to know that the process is actually quite simple!

All you need to do is upload the image of your custom design onto our website. You can choose up to 12 images, one for each cookie in the box. Make sure that the pictures have a high resolution so that they can be appropriately printed on the chocolate. Smartphone pictures are generally perfect!

You can then choose the quantity and type of wrapping that you want for your cookies. Since you're getting cookies for many sorority girls, our 12-pack options are the way to go. You can get them in a classic box of 12 or one that has 12 individually-wrapped cookies inside it.

From there, you can upload any order notes that you want. This means that you can ask to use multiple types of chocolate in your box, ask to tie individual wrapping up with a certain color ribbon, and more. We'll deliver your cookies to your home (or your sorority house) as soon as they're printed, so you can rest easy that you will have them in time for your event!

Get Started

While there are tons of snacks that you can choose for sorority rush week, nothing quite compares to custom chocolate-covered Oreos. They're delicious. Plus, the different styles you can create make get everyone involved in the mindset to bond with their new sisters and have a great time.

Now that you know how to design delicious cookies to kick off rush week, it's time to get started! Order your delicious sorority cookies online. Our order form is fast and easy to fill out, and your cookies will be delivered right to your doorstep ASAP.

We look forward to bringing a little bit of extra sweetness into your life!