Kick off Football Season With Custom Football Oreos by Sweet Ali

Kick off Football Season With Custom Football Oreos by Sweet Ali

The weather is getting cooler, the autumn decor is coming out, and football season is here!

If you're ready to celebrate your favorite team, you'll definitely want to have a few delicious snacks on hand while you settle in to watch the big game.

Our amazing custom football Oreos are the perfect companion to your next party, so read on to learn more about these delicious treats for an unforgettable football-themed gathering.

Celebrate Your Favorite Team

The usual snacks and treats are always fun to enjoy during your next football party, but you can take it up a notch with custom football Oreos by Sweet Ali. Whether you're a huge Cowboys fan or you love the Philadelphia Eagles, show off your fandom with an order of our custom cookies this season.

It's easy to create your very own custom cookie design. All you need to do is visit our website and start the custom confection creation process.

You can upload your football team's logo or design from your computer desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Make sure that your football pic has a high resolution so the cookie design comes out crisp and clear.

The image on your Oreos will come out in a circular shape, so make sure you leave a bit of room around the edges for a great finished product. You don't have to upload your team logo, either. Get creative and think of some unique football-themed designs you can add so your party is fun for everyone, regardless of their favorite team.

To make your party even more exciting, consider ordering a few custom made cookies with your team's logo, and some with the opposing team's. It's a great way to enjoy a little friendly snacking and competition while you kick back and enjoy the game.

Custom Football Oreos: Options

When it comes to flavor and presentation, there are several custom cookies to choose from. Our Oreos are available in milk, white, or dark chocolate flavors, or you can order a mixture of a few different flavors for a little more variety. The chocolate-dipped cookie turns an average Oreo into something truly amazing. 

You can order your custom football Oreos by the dozen or individually in your choice of quantity. Opt to have them individually wrapped in cello and tied with a ribbon for a beautiful presentation.

If your party is going to be casual and laid-back, you can order your custom logo cookies individually wrapped and sent in a box. This will ensure that your cookies are fresh and delicious when they arrive, and they'll be easy to serve to family and friends.

You can order as little or as many cookies as you like, so make sure you get enough for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to mix and match your football designs to give your football party food some variety and a fun look.

Once you've designed your cookies and you're ready to order, you should receive them in about three business days. We're located in New Jersey so if you happen to be nearby, we offer free in-store pickup, too.

Football Party Dessert Ideas

Everyone loves savory snacks like pizza and chips, but after the big meal, it's time to partake in a little bit of sweet fun. As you create your custom football Oreos, you can easily combine them with some other amazing desserts, too.

Bake a batch of brownies and cut them into football shapes. Once the brownies cool, you can cover them in dark brown icing and white icing to form the football's "laces."

A football game just isn't the same without something to snack on. Make a batch of s'mores nachos that can be enjoyed by the whole crowd. Graham crackers serve as your tortilla chips, and the whole thing is covered in ooey-gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate.

Homemade cake balls are a perfect companion to our custom football Oreos. Make a batch of cake balls in chocolate and vanilla flavors, and coat them with delicious melted chocolate and colorful sprinkles. You can add your cake balls and our custom cookies together on a platter for a beautiful presentation.

Have Fun with Your Food

If you're planning to host a football party, dont' be afraid to get creative and have some fun with the food you serve. With our incredibly delicious custom logo cookies, you can get as creative as you like.

Come up with a few different designs for your cookies so that you have a great variety for your guests to choose from. Select the logo for both teams, or just upload an image of a green football field, a goalpost, or a classic pigskin football.

You can also upload some text that showcases your team's tagline. This is a fun spin on the classic logo design and will definitely make your custom cookies look interesting and unique.

Play around with a few designs before you decide which cookies you want to order. The idea is to make it fun so that your football party is unforgettable.

Get Ready for Football with Custom Cookies

Whether your team is playing at home or away, our custom football Oreos are guaranteed to be a real crowd-pleaser. Have fun while coming up with your designs and be sure to upload a high-resolution image for a beautiful cookie.

Order as many or as few cookies as you like, and mix things up by choosing a few different flavors.

To explore our products and place a custom order, be sure to visit our website and contact us today so we can help make your next party a success!