Everything You Should Know About Chocolate Covered Baseball Oreos

Everything You Should Know About Chocolate Covered Baseball Oreos

"Nine out of ten people love chocolate, and the tenth person is always lying."

This quote from John Tullius may be joking in tone, but the message is true. In fact, people around the world consume about $103 billion worth of chocolate each year!

Clearly, there's no better reward than a delicious chocolatey confection, and no one deserves to be rewarded more than little league baseball players do. Here, we're going to talk about some ways that chocolate-covered baseball Oreos can be used to reward your team for a great job on the field!

What Are Baseball Oreos?

Baseball Oreos are pretty much any chocolate-dipped Oreo that's made to reflect a baseball team's success. You can choose from any type of chocolate that you want when creating one of these confections.

After you select milk, white, or dark chocolate, our expert sweet-makers will melt it down and dip delicious Oreo cookies into the liquid chocolate. Once that's done, we'll wait for it to harden before adding dyed white-chocolate accents. These accents can take a variety of shapes and be made any color that you want. Let's take a look at some of your options for what a chocolate baseball Oreo can look like!

What Are Your Options?

At Sweet Ali, we pride ourselves on being able to create many different designs for unique confections. Because of this, there are a few different ways that you can have your baseball Oreos made to reflect your team and your season. Here are some of your options!

Baseball Cookies

One of the cutest and simplest designs is to commission Oreos that look like tiny baseballs. The cookies will simply be dipped in a layer of white chocolate and left to dry. After that, lines made from dyed-red white chocolate (or undyed milk chocolate) will be added to each side of the baseball. This is an adorable way to express your team spirit and create something that both kids and adults will love.

Mascots and Logos

It's also possible to get a little bit more detailed with your baseball Oreo's design. Edible baseball logos can be printed onto a cookie coated in any type of chocolate that you choose. This detail can come in any number of colors- we can use dyed white chocolate, hard icing, or even candy coating to make a picture. Your team mascot or logo will look great on a cookie, so give this a try!

Name That Team

Team names can be printed on the surface of your custom cookie, too. This can coexist with a logo or mascot or it can make up the entirety of a design. There's more to do with this than you might think- you can choose from various colors, fonts, and styles of lettering. You also can get the names of different players printed on the Oreos if you want to make your players feel extra-special.

half eaten baseball oreo

Chow Down!

Now that you know all about baseball Oreos, it's time to get started. Order custom confections from our online shop. It's easy to get exactly what you want from this webpage because you can upload your own original image or place as big or small a custom order as you like.

Have an awesome season!